Eleven of the Numerous Useful Spirographs on the Demand

Eleven of the numerous useful spirographs on demand. Diverse Spirograph scenes for additional needs. Whether you are looking for a small spirograph set for your travel bag or a spirograph set with all the trimmings – you have come to the right place. Here are all the Spirograph sets currently on the market:

Original Spirograph Design Set

This is the authentic Spirograph, repackaged for today’s globe. The beauty of the new set is that it includes something called Spiro-Putty. This will keep the fixed positioning parts (like the rings) in place on the paper. This does not damage the paper’s surface and frees the other hand. The Spiro-Putty replaces the stylus that came with the earlier Spirograph sets. The original set also includes six markers and two ballpoint pens. I’ve always had better luck with the pens, but that’s down to personal preference!


Original Spirograph Set, Deluxe Edition

The Spirograph Deluxe has 45 parts, including 19 wheels and two rings. The deluxe version instead of the original just for the sheer number of spins – as it extends up a bunch better options for your artwork.


Spirograph Jr

What is Spirograph Junior? Spirograph Junior has larger sprockets than other Spirograph sets, making them easier to handle for smaller hands. It also includes a takeaway table, and the included markers are all washable – much appreciated!


Spirograph Cyclex set

The Spirograph Cyclex is an all-in-one device that secures the spirograph tools are constantly in mesh with the outer spirograph rings. The bags are attached not to slip or fall out like the traditional Spirograph. If the kits get stuck, give them a little help, but overall it’s a good option if you’re struggling with the conventional Spirograph.

Original Spirograph set with markers

Here’s exactly what it says: It’s the original Spirograph set, but it comes with eight coloured identifications rather than the six identifications and two ballpoint pens in the original (listed above). Well, the titles are essentially felt-tip pens. So be careful not to stay in one spot for too long, or the ink might run through the paper. It comes down to personal preference – do you prefer markers or ballpoint pens for pencil sketches?

Travel Spirograph set

The Travel Spirograph is a shorter, handheld Spirograph where all the scraps and parts are included within the body of the Spirograph itself. This Spirograph extends up, indicating two other containers. The top compartment (more like a tray) is where the paper sits, and the one underneath that is for the spare gears. The ring is created into the top coating, which is excellent. And when you run out of the provided paper – Post It comments work well as a replacement.

Scratch & Shimmer Spirograph set

This Spirograph set includes 16 scratch sheets – eight rainbow and eight glitter sheets – as well as sticker sheets and a special 50th-anniversary non-slip wheel. This is a fun take on the classic Spirograph set we’ve come to know and love – and you can buy spare scrapbook paper at many good stationery and craft stores.

Original Spirograph Set in collector’s box.

This spirograph set is very similar to the original design set but without the markings. It is slightly more expensive than the original. However, it comes in a nice collector’s tin, which I like! Use the bin to store your belongings without the hassle of plastic packaging – thumbs up from me.

Original Spirograph Set, Deluxe Multicolored

The multicoloured deluxe spirograph set is more or less the same as the deluxe version mentioned above. Aside from the more colourful packaging, there isn’t much difference. But – you can sometimes find this Spirograph set on sale for less than the other deluxe version – so it’s worth keeping an eye out for this ‘colourful’ set if you’re looking for a bargain!


Original Spirograph Set, Super Spirograph!

Super Spirograph is impressive – it’s like a cross between a train location and the standard Spirograph! In addition to the regular rings used to move the gears, it includes sections that snap together to create your custom rings. It also comes with a special 50th Anniversary gold cast wheel (equipment), which is nice. This is a serious piece of kit with many components. Most, I think, of all devices to date. It’s on sale exemplary currently, so hold it to keep artistic kids occupied during the summer holidays!


Spirograph mini set

This mini spirograph set has six wheels, a ring, and three markers, all in a cute storage tin. It’s a nice set – although it’s more expensive than the original, the case is a very handy way to stay organized.


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