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5 Benefits of using WordPress for Tourism

5 Benefits of using WordPress for Tourism

You started your tourism blog, and are you using WordPress for your blog?

If the answer is no, perhaps the number of people using the platform you use is not very large.


Because about 20% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress, it’s almost always the most powerful word when talking about travel blogs.

Why are so many bloggers obsessed with WordPress?

You’re probably wondering… What makes it so great? Can I use something else? Yes, or if I have to use it?

Well, indeed, WordPress isn’t the only blogging software out there. There are many alternatives. Many are easy to use and don’t require you to buy your hosting.

But if you are serious about writing your own or your company’s tourism blogs, WordPress is your best option.

That is why I leave you the 5 benefits of using WordPress for your tourism blog or website. if you are looking for branding for your business then branding agency seattle will be recommended to you

1- It makes you look professional

There are almost endless free blogging platforms. They have one obvious thing going for them: they’re free.

But if you want to offer a professional image as a tour guide, or as the owner of your travel agency there are too many disadvantages for you to use them.

It’s not hard to tell that your platform is free: the generic-looking themes, the widgets in your sidebar or the ads in the footer. That’s enough clues.

I insist: it gives a very unprofessional first impression.

Your clients will take this unprofessional image, seeing that you do not take your tourism blog seriously enough, by not investing in it.

When they visit your site at instead of, the former looks more professional and trustworthy.

2- It gives you a huge community to share with

If we compare WordPress to other blogging platforms, WordPress stands apart because it has a vast online community.

I tried and typed “WordPress helps”. How many results do you expect to find?

13,70,00,000 results

Whatever you want to ask about WordPress, indeed, someone has already requested it, and someone else has already solved it. Help is easy to find.

And if not, you will indeed find a forum or a site where you can ask for help or a developer you can hire whose rates are within your budget.

Because many people worldwide are dedicated to improving your WordPress experience, helping other people like you in the support forums, developing plugins and themes, etc., among many other functions.

3- It adapts to make any website

Remember that we told you how important it is for your tourism company to have its website.

With WordPress Website, you can do it too. It is true that initially, it was a platform only for blogs.

But today, you can even sell tourism packages online with its widgets. And on top of knowing that your blog will be an integral part of your website.

There are not only widgets to sell. They are there to create and facilitate the reservation process on your website. Others also exist to develop price comparison tables for your customers and display locations using Google Maps. Still, others can create forums, share social networks, insert photo galleries. Unlimited possibilities.

4- You have control

It is a very flexible platform. You are the owner of your content.

The published content is yours, and no one else’s. And if you want to migrate your website or tourism blog to other accommodations, you can do it without problems.

You are in control to do what you want with your site, unlike free blogging platforms that severely limit what you can do.

Many free blogging platforms include a clause in their terms of service that states they can immediately remove your entire site without notice if you violate their terms of service.

You can also change the colours, upload your logo, change the background, create slides with your best photos, include testimonials from your clients and do other cool things on your site without the need to rewrite any code or hire a web designer.

5- WordPress is a very SEO friendly search engine

One of the most important benefits of using WordPress is that using standard-compliant, high-quality source code, which complies with the major search engines’ rules, helps your blog rank in search engines.

With Yoast SEO, the specific plugins to improve the positioning, you can optimize each of your website’s posts to maximize the position in the search rankings.

SEO is an essential part of your blog or website. It will help determine your success.

5 Benefits of Using WordPress- The Summary

As you can see, there are excellent reasons why you should blog with WordPress.

The benefits of using WordPress can be many, but these are the 5 benefits of using WordPress in tourism :

  • It makes you look more professional.
  • It puts at your disposal a massive community with which to share your doubts and problems and find solutions to them.
  • It adapts to make any website.
  • Gives you control.
  • WordPress is a very SEO friendly search engine.

I’m sure there are many more benefits. And I am also sure that WordPress will continue to improve. 

It is the tool that may be the best to promote yourself as a guide or for your tourism business. I’ve been using it for a few years now, and I recommend you try it today.

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