What You Need to Know about Wall Removal

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Structural wall removal Melbourne wide has become quite popular among households with renovation plans.The open layout concept gives an airy atmosphere to the room with much more space. Extra walls installed in homes not only block fresh air coming from outside but also cause hindrance to sunlight reaching you. Functional areas in a house when separated by walls or any other kind of barriers always make the space dim and gloomy. Removing walls can allow light to reach you properly and will save you from many health issues with eye strain being the most common one. After wall removal, you will not have to cool down or warm up your room depending on the weather. Your room will adjust by itself and will provide you with maximum protection.

If you have moved into a new house and do not like the walls there, plan to renovate your current one with the walls removed, or just need wall removal for any other purpose, then here is what you need to know about wall removal before you take any further steps!

Load Bearing Walls

You need to know if the wall that you want to remove is load-bearing or not, knowing this is the first step to wall removal. If your wall is not load-bearing, then this means you do not have to go out of your way to take it down. A wall that is not load-bearing does not require much assistance and can be removed with minimum work.

If the wall that you want to remove is load-bearing, then it can be a little risky. Make sure it is safe to take down such a wall because when a load-bearing wall is removed, chances are it can cause damage to the rest of the structure. Take any structural engineer’s help to know whether your wall is load-bearing or not. If this is not an option that you can utilize, then try contacting the builder or the contractor for advice.

Taking Down a Wall on Your Own

Thinking about all the work that will go into removing a wall, you might have thought of knocking the wall all by yourself many times. While taking down a wall on your own sounds fascinating, it can be really dangerous. If your wall is a load-bearing wall, then the chances of collapse are high. Always prioritize your safety over your money and hire someone experienced for taking down a load-bearing wall in your house.

Post Wall Removal

What needs to be done after you have removed a wall? Reinforcing! To support the rest of the walls & not risk their collapse, supporting structures need to be put in place. This is called reinforcing house. It is usually done using lintel support beam. A lintel support beam is a source of extra assistance for the ceiling above the wall against which it is running.

 A structural wall removal costs around $4000 and above. It usually depends on the type of wall you had & how much work was put into taking it down. We always advise you to hire a professional rather than experiment on your own.

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