What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and a regular mattress?

Do you have a tough time getting good sleep and are confused about choosing between regular and memory foam mattresses? There are lots of bedding preferences in the market. Out of many, which mattress is the right choice for you? Does it matter what is inside the mattresses? Whether you use a regular or a memory foam mattress, doing some research is always helpful. 

The market offers a plethora of memory foam mattresses of varying sizes and brands; one such brand is Centuary Mattresses. Centuary Mattress price ranges from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 70,000, depending on your choices. 

Let’s explore the differences between a regular and a memory foam mattress:

Memory Foam Mattresses:

Memory foam was considered a new-fangled thing in the market. Though the foam was developed long ago for NASA, the memory foam was considered a luxury. Well, don’t get us wrong; sleeping on a memory foam mattress is still a luxurious experience. 

What’s inside?

This foam is made by adding water, halo carbons, or hydrocarbons to create a polyurethane foam base. The memory foam is engineered to have a more open cell structure. It allows the foam to be airier, thereby keeping you always cool while you bounce back every time you get out of the bed.

Layers range from thick copper-infused foam to thin and firm foam. When combined, the bed stays excellent with evenly distributed support. 

You may buy memory foam mattresses from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where the Centuary Mattress price is the lowest. 

How to acquire the most of your money?

In the case of memory foam vs regular mattresses, how do you make sure of not being guilty by paying too much? You deserve to get the best for your money. When shopping for a memory foam mattress, keep an eye on these features.

  • Cooling properties:

Your memory foam mattress must be able to wick the heat away from your sleeping body. Look for memory foam with an agent; for instance, copper is conductive and actively keeps you cool.

  • Firmness options:

The foam comes with varying firmness options, depending on the sleep pattern and position. Flappable memory foam is a great option to buy.

  • Foam density:

Foam comes in different densities and is not created equally. The higher the thickness, the better the foam and will last longer. 

Regular Mattresses:

People can replace their beds every decade without hitting hard on pockets. When it comes to memory foam vs regular mattresses, people consider traditional mattresses as either tried and true or outdated and clumsy.

What’s inside?

You already know regular mattresses have metal coils inside with a layer of cushion. Regular mattresses have added layers. The top layer comprises of breathable cover followed by foam. 

How to acquire the most of your money?

What do you say? Still, going with the traditional regular mattress? Here’s what to look for:

  • Foam layers:

If you go with the common core, the upper layer will soften. If you go with a copper-infused core, it will conform to your curves.

  • Proper support:

Regular mattresses provide long-lasting and proper support to the body while sleeping.

  • Long-warranty:

Regular mattresses are always covered with an extended warranty, and that is the reason to lure your attention to traditional mattresses. 

Wrapping up:

A lot of factors will help you conclude which mattress to buy. But if sleeping well is your goal, memory foam mattresses are a worthy investment.

Experts and doctors emphasize good sleep habits, and for decades, customers have relied on the Centuary Mattresses. The Centuary Mattress price suits the budget of every consumer, and the Bajaj Finserv Store offers no-cost EMI installments.

The Centuary Mattress price is heaven for all sleep lovers, and what’s more interesting, you can avail yourself of the EMI plans to start from Rs. 937 for eight months with zero down payments. 

Purchasing on EMI from the Bajaj Finserv Store is the best option as it helps distribute expenses, increases affordability, and has no interest charged on the borrowed amount. Ready to have a sound sleep? Head to the nearest EMI store today or purchase online. 


There are numerous models of mattresses out in the market, out of which the memory foam mattress gains more prominence. To demonstrate its unique qualities, here is a quick comparison of the difference between a memory foam mattress and a regular mattress. 

  • The memory foam mattress was invented by NASA and was considered a sheer luxury once. In contrast, the typical regular mattress stands as an affordable, long-standing alternative option in the budget. 
  • The memory foam is made by adding water, halocarbons, or hydrocarbons to create a polyurethane foam base. On the other hand, the regular mattress is made of the metal coil-like springs covered with a layer of cushion to give adequate support. 
  • This foam is designed to have a more open cell structure to allow air passage through the bedding, while the regular mattress doesn’t have such a feature. 

If you want the best mattress, it is time to opt for the memory foam to have the sheer comfort of deep sleep. 

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