What are Poly Mailers, and How are they an Efficient Choice?

Everything from shipping costs to whether items reach safely at the customer’s doorstep depends on choosing the correct packing or postal envelope for shipments.

You may never obtain a good return on your client acquisition cost if you pay too much for the delivery. If a consumer places an order with you and discovers broken goods during the unwrapping process they may never shop from you again.

While you may associate internet shopping with cardboard boxes, many shipments do not come in packages at all. Best poly bubble mailers are a popular packaging choice because they offer built-in cushioning and are less expensive than corrugated cardboard packaging.

This article will discuss poly mailers’ function, when to use them instead of boxes, and where to obtain them.

Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are plastic bags that are lightweight but strong and are used for packaging things. They contain a self-sealing fold-over lip that eliminates the need for tape. A mailing label may be applied directly to the bag. They’re light and strong, so they don’t take much room on a truck when transported.

Poly mailers are available in various sizes and shapes. Some are cushioned with bubble wrap to eliminate the need for additional safety, which many boxes require to keep products in place and avoid shipping damage.

Benefits of Using Poly Mailers

Boxes are standard shipping; however, they aren’t always essential for specific items. Shoe boxes, for example, are frequently wrapped in sturdy cardboard boxes, so sending them inside another cardboard box would be counterproductive.

Clothing is also a good choice for poly mailers since it is less likely to be crushed or torn without a box. Here are some reasons you should use a poly mailer rather than a box.

Mailers are Eco-Friendly

While you may believe that plastic poly bags are bad for the environment, several packaging firms provide eco-friendly poly mailer packing choices.

Standard plastic mailers will not appear appropriate if your brand supports environment-friendly products.

Poly Mailers are Small and Light in Size

Poly mailers are significantly more straightforward to store things than paper mailers since they are plastic. Because of their compact size, it takes up less room in carriers’ vans, resulting in lower transportation costs.

When it comes to delivery, poly mailers may occasionally fit in a mailbox. It means they’re less likely to be stolen than a parcel left on a doorstep.

Things you Can Pack Using Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are a fantastic choice for uncrushable things, such as garments or fabric. Products currently in durable packaging, such as shoes. Still, you don’t anticipate it will stay sealed throughout transportation.

It will help if you avoid using poly mailers for fragile things like sunglasses, shattered and crumbled meals like chips, or anything made with glass. Stick to boxes unless the items are already in solid packaging.

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