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Everest base camp trek


This tiring and difficult trek, covering approximately 130kms, takes 11 to 12 days to accomplish.  Located at an altitude of 18,513ft, this trek is called ” the step to heaven”.


Trekking to the base camp of the world’s highest peak is a dreamy experience for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. 

As you climb higher, every new height will make you feel like it’s worth the decision even if you had made it in haste.


With breathtaking sceneries, astonishing terrains which roll into lushly grass-covered farmlands to the densely packed forest to blue fast-flowing rivers to barren landscapes and the highlighting glacial pools, you’ll be trying to conquer Everest. 


The final climb over the stubbly loose rocks and the canvas of white will give you the feel of achieving something great.

  • Sandakphu trek


Starting from either manebhanjan or chitrey, this trek will take you to an elevation of 11,930ft above sea level. 


Rated as one of the moderately difficult treks it takes roughly 6 days to complete.


This location is often referred to as a trekkers wonderland as it is bound by four massive peaks.


In addition to that, it flows through the famous singalila ridge, which is the high ground portion that lies on the southern end of the long Crest which runs down from the Kanchenjunga range.


This forms the border between  Sikkim and Nepal. Passing through the small settlements, this ridge is a scenic beauty. Also, this trail passes through the singalila national park which makes it even more interesting and exciting. 

  • Geochala trek 


Lying at an altitude of 16,200ft, this moderately difficult trek takes 11 days to accomplish. Known as one of the beautiful treks of Sikkim, this trek takes you through exotic destinations. 


Gifted with extreme beauty by nature, it holds legendary chronicles and walks straight into your bucket list.


It allows you to explore the hidden beauty while trailing through the rhododendrons, pine and oak forests. 


You’ll be amazed by the wilderness of nature along with the magnificence of the mighty peaks and the valleys dipping down to make you go wow.


As you continue trailing through the path, you’ll get to see the mighty Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan ranges presenting you with the visual treats of their vibrant vistas.


You get to experience the rich flora and fauna of the place and it gives you an opportunity to camp under the star-studded night sky with campfire burning and stories getting heated around it.

  • Kanchenjunga base camp trek-


Rated as one of the moderately difficult treks, this trek takes 8 days to complete as it lies at an altitude of 17,000ft above sea level. 


The months of April and May give you the most thrilling experience as never before.


Passing through the exotic blooms of rhododendrons, spruces,  Mongolian and pines, this trail merges into the green-carpeted meadows and mystic pastures. 


As you trail through, you’ll reach the western region of Sikkim, close to the border of Nepal. It is one of the most popular places for trekking in Sikkim.

  • Sikkim dzongri trek


This is a long 11 days trek and graded as one of the moderately difficult treks. Lying at an altitude of 16,404 ft, this is a thrill-packed trekking experience. 


With that green beauty covered with snow caps, dipping deep valleys and picturesque hamlets spread across the trail. This is a perfect detailed trekking experience for those adventurers whose thirst is never satisfied. 


Being a popular short altitude trek of Sikkim, this trek offers you spectacular views of many other peaks.


As you continue trailing through you’ll come across the deep gorges of rhododendrons.


Passing through the valley with lichen and mosses you’ll still keep continuing with the trail. As it offers you the best experience of walking over the scenic landscapes.


Like you head further, you will hear the birds chirping. As the forest serves as a home for many exotic bird species. Never miss out on clicking pictures and pause the moment for later reference. Cherish the experience now and then with those pictures. 


Lastly, you’ll also come across the bharal or famously identified as the blue mountain sheep in this region.

All Treks are must-do treks. Hope you enjoy this article. Also Expected this information will useful for readers.

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