Tips to make your swimsuit last

If summer is generally synonymous with beautiful sunny days, beaches and multicolored cocktails, we often regret having to change our swimsuits for the following season. After having taken dearly during the 2 to 3 months that we appreciate so much, our dear bikini is often good to throw away while our attention is focused on other activities that are certainly more interesting; However, this is not inevitable, you just need to have the few tips that we share with you in this article to give it a more generous life expectancy.

1- Mandatory desalting

Can you imagine keeping sea salt on your skin all the time? Probably not; for your dear summer companion it’s the same, the fibers and the fabric hate salt to the highest point. It wraps around the fibers, hardens them and may even stain, so be nice to it and rinse it off with fresh water. It only takes a few seconds at the sink or the shower to save his life.


2- Avoid the washing machine

It’s not like we haven’t told you already. Whether it’s our dear and tender sexy lingerie, or bikinis, they hate machine cycles. Be cool with outfits that require special attention, and spare him endless laps of rubbing against other clothes; go for hand washing, it’s quick and super-efficient, but more than anything, your expensive swimsuit will love it. If you are really lazy, which I can imagine, choose a cold cycle or at 30 ° max, without drying or spinning. In this case, be sure to tie all the straps well to avoid a stiff neck when exiting.


3- Natural drying

You’ve finally chosen to hand wash your bikini, and that’s a really good thing. Now it’s time to hang it out to dry, and the idea of ​​hanging it out to dry on a doorknob, faucet, or coat rack in the bathroom is so overwhelming. Always keep in mind that suspended, your swimsuit will stretch downward with gravity and its weight having increased with the water still present in its fibers. Our advice: lay it out to dry flat on a dryer or a white towel, and never in direct sunlight. You can gently wring it out by hand before spreading it out.

Mineral history

The rocks of the Maltese coasts or the thick sands of the beaches of Ibiza are more solid and aggressive than they appear, and your buttocks resting on them will make your bikinis pale. Lying or sitting, always think of the towel underneath to limit wear related to friction. This attention clearly makes the difference and will prevent you from pilling, or worse, tearing.


5- Spas & whirlpools

Yes, its summer and we love all the spas and some Jacuzzis from time to time. What do you think your swimsuit says about it? Excessive heat and chemicals like chlorine are some of your swimsuits’s worst enemies. If you can, change your swimsuit so as not to subject the same model to these activities (which I do not want to pass on to you in this article). Like seawater, rinsing it with fresh water with a little soap will only do the most good for it after your chill episode.

Sunscreens & after-sun

This tip is a bit tricky, but it deserves to be highlighted. If your skin needs it, your swimsuit doesn’t and he doesn’t really like the idea. Ideally, put on your sunscreen before putting on your swimsuit, 30 to 40 minutes before so that your skin absorbs most of the cream or oil. You don’t want to know the ingredients in them, and neither does your bikini line. Winning bonus, you will not have your legs spread in the sand and will be ready to sunbathe in all serenity.

7- Its storage

Left out for months, swimsuits die hard sometimes. With a few exceptions, it is stored at the bottom of the drawer before putting our big winter woolen socks on top, and often put on as it comes. Make it a little place of choice by folding it carefully, it will be delighted and it will save you the sacrilege of ironing, which quickly takes us to point number 8.

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