7 Effective Tips For Someone Who Is Learning Acting

Good to know that you are on the path of making your dream of being a successful actor come true. And getting enrolled at a prestigious acting school in Mumbai is a step forward. It is sure you will move to have a break to land in the film, television and entertainment industry. You know learning acting is not enough for you to make your career successful or establish yourself. Here are useful nine tips that can help you establish yourself in the industry:

  1. Make a schedule 

The time between your course completion, audition participation, and having a break is crucial for you. Use this time to stay focused on improving your skills. In this regard, you can:

  • Make a routine 
  • Start your day at the set time 
  • Dedicate yourself to enhance your grasp on different craft components
  • Work on your body movements, voice training, and script reading 
  1. Work to network with industry leaders 

As an aspiring actor, you start being a fan of your favourite actors, producers, and production houses of the film, television, and entertainment industry. Gradually, start sending friend requests to them and try to meet them as you get an opportunity for the same. You should be friendlier to as many industry influencers as you can. Befriending can make you have a work opportunity with a few of them. 

  1. Pay attention to connecting to people of your acting interest 

Whether it is a play, movie, documentary, or television serial, it has both positive and negative role players. You have to make it clear whether you want to be an actor, coactor/costar, or villain. After that, you can start becoming closer to some of the leading professionals playing the role you want to excel in.   

  1. Look for a representative agent 

In the capital or big city of each Indian state, there are talent agencies. Having an affiliation to such an agency or agent can help you open a door of auditions for you. Before you get affiliated to a particular talent hunting agency, you need to be sure about their reputation and authenticity. And for this, you can:

  • Go through online reviews
  • Talk to some aspiring actors who joined their hands with such one 
  • Request your instructors to refer a few reputed and authentic agencies 
  1. Be always focused on enhancing your skills 

Acting is like a craft, which needs constant practice, assessments, and fine-tuning. Attending theoretical and practical acting classes in groups will be beneficial for you. These classes will help you know your performance issues and train you on how to sort them out.  

  1. Practice on camera and before people 

All of you know it well that practice makes a person perfect. Your practice is worthwhile for you when you have real feedback from the audience or industry experts. You can have such valuable feedback when you seriously participate in practical sessions of your acting courses at a prestigious institute. Further, you can:

  • Perform in your college functions 
  • Participate in auditions in or around your local city 
  • Start playing roles in local theatres/stage performances
  1. Value time and opportunities

Time is valuable for all people. It is more valuable for you, aspiring actors. You must always be on time and must fulfil what you commit. Further, you should never ignore an opportunity by just saying it is not crucial or big for me. You should be ready to accept it whenever an opportunity comes in your way.    


The learning time is very crucial for aspiring actors, especially when they are learning how to act or play a role for a character of a proposed movie, television serial, drama, etc. As you are determined to make your dream come true, you should follow all the above-mentioned tips.   

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