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Fashion Items that you must have to look fashionable

In modern times, Muslim women are indeed being pampered with various trends of beautiful and fashionable hijab fashion styles. Of course, this is a form of achievement that has been achieved by the fashion world so that it can provide various inspirations to create hijab even further. In addition, the varied models also allow Muslim women to determine their own style in the creation of the hijab they wear. In general, women prefer the simple hijab category in various events. Especially when hanging out with friends. Of course, there is a reason.

For example, such as not wanting to be too complicated and so as not to limit the space for movement during activities with friends. The benefits are not small and they can be felt by hijab users themselves.

Hijab models that are suitable for hangouts tend to be more simple. The reason is that with active activities, they definitely need free space in their movement. A woman can also create hijab fashion trends that are simple but still look fashionable.

Here are 3 styles that you can copy when hanging out with your friends:

  • If Casual Simple

Outfit: Cotton t-shirt, matching outer long vest, culottes, and raw is pashmina pants.

  • The Outstanding Energic

Outfit: Cotton t-shirt, denim outer vest, Rempel culottes, and cotton square.

  • The Elegant Feminine

Outfit: Cotton shirt, pleated pants skirt, and satin scarf

Hijab does not mean you have to dress modestly regardless of appearance. Now, many fashion houses provide special Islamic clothing for women to make them appear more fashionable and in accordance with the rules.

Here are some fashion items reported by Noor Magazine that Muslim women must have to look more stylish.

  • Pleats long skirt
    A long skirt with a wide cut with pleated detail will make the wearer look more sweet and feminine. Choose a skirt made of soft material to make it more comfortable to wear.
  • Pallazo
    For those of you who are not used to wearing skirts but still want to look feminine, palazzo-style pants (superwide cut) can be an option. At first glance, it looks like a long skirt, but still practical to wear like other pants.
  • Bolero
    Still, have a long dress or sleeveless blouse? Do not rush to throw it away. If you’re hooded, the outfit can still be worn, just add a bolero to cover your arms.
  • Harem pants
    Tired of the usual newfangled pants, just choose harem pants. Wrinkles at the ankles give a beautiful impression, especially for those of you who have long legs and a slim body. Choose patterned harem pants with soft colors, so they don’t look excessive when used.

The development of hijab is also always generating all the time so that many models of hijab are deliberately designed to be practical but give a trendy end result as well as sharia.

This is more aimed at those who do not want to be difficult in expressing ideas for arranging the hijab in such a way. Existence in appearance is considered important for women. Especially in hanging out with family and friends, an attractive appearance is the main thing that is always considered.

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