Strategy to Prepare for Competitive Exams Section-Wise

Preparation for competitive exams is not a cakewalk. One needs to go through different  factors such as pressure, depression, anxiety and nervousness. However, you need to opt for some fruitful strategy for better preparation to avoid all these factors. As competitive exams comprises different sections, therefore you should study for every section productively. You must know that every competitive exam has four common sections: reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude, english grammar and comprehension and general awareness.  Therefore, it is imperative to give equal importance to all these sections. In this article, we have jotted down some brilliant tips to study each section of the competitive exam.

In this competitive world, it is not easy to crack competitive exams. Some students break their backs and study laboriously but still could not attain their target.  This is because they don’t give equal importance to all the subjects. They don’t have proper knowledge regarding all the sections. Are you preparing for competitive exams and having a lack of information related to all the subjects? If so, then you can associate with the marvellous institute conducting the best bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. They will guide you about the right strategy to ace every section.

Strategy to prepare for competitive exams section-wise:

Reasoning ability is one of the hardest sections to clear in competitive exams. You need to have a great observation and a good common sense to solve all the questions of this section. Here are some tips to prepare the reasoning section:

  • This section comprises puzzles and seating arrangements.  You need to read the puzzle attentively but make sure not to assume anything that is not stated there. The best way to master your skills in solving puzzles is to practice it regularly.
  • Never make a mistake to spend too much time on a single question.
  • Always solve the questions first that you are more confident about. This is an efficient way to perform excellently in exams.
  • Explore some tips and tricks that you can follow to solve questions in less time.
  • Make sure not to spend too much time on other areas such as coding and decoding, blood relations, order and ranking and orientation tests.

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  • Quantitative aptitude

This section includes a lot of calculations which make it complex.  Sometimes, candidates want to solve all the questions of this section, but may not be able to do so because of time constraints. Here are some tips to remember while preparing for quantitative aptitude:

  • Always start with the basics such as compound interest, proportional ratio, fundamentals and average. Note that, you need to cover up the easy and scoring topics first.
  • Calculators are strictly prohibited in the examination hall. Therefore, you should learn to do calculations on your own without spending excess time.
  • Make sure to learn some quick tips in order to solve the completed questions in the exam.
  • You can learn some tables and easy formulas to attempt your questions faster.
  • Analyze your weak areas and devote more time to strengthen these topics.
  • Note that, you must have a deep and conceptual knowledge of all the topics in order to ace this section because cramming will not work here.
  • English section

Plenty of students take this section lightely and at last, tend to lose the maximum marks. No doubt, this is the easiest and most scoring section of the exam but you need to polish your skills in grammar and vocabulary to hit the target score. Here are some tips to strengthen the English section:

  • Make an effort to learn at least five new words daily. Ensure to search out their meanings along with synonyms and antonyms.
  • Grammar is the base of every language. Therefore, you need to focus on the basic grammar like tenses, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives and conjunctions.
  • You can listen to English podcasts and music to upgrade your fluency in English.
  • Develop a habit to read newspapers, magazines, and journals daily. It will polish your language skills rapidly .Further, it helps to improve your ability to write, speak and understand English to a greater extent.
  • You can also solve past year’s question papers to know your performance level.

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  • General awareness

To master the GK section, the crucial part is to keep yourself updated with current affairs.  Let’s move to some tips for a better preparation of this section:

  • Make a habit to read the newspaper on a regular basis. This reading habit will help you to know what is happening around the globe.
  • You should watch news channels. In addition, you can watch debates on current affairs. The best thing is you will never get bored of it and hence learning will become interesting.
  • It is a better approach to follow monthly magazines to stay updated.
  • Youtube live streams on current affairs is another preferred way to gain fruitful information.
  • Download applications on your smartphone that provide daily information on general awareness.


Having a clear cut strategy is advisable for efficient preparation to escape confusion later.  Here is a strategy for subject wise preparation of competitive exams. Hopefully, you will perform brilliantly in exams with our splendid guidance.

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