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How SEO for Flooring Companies Helps Build a Bigger Customer Base

With the increasing digitization, people are increasingly becoming less responsive to conventional advertising. Most of them look for suitable businesses that can fulfill their requirements online.

Thus, a successful marketing strategy cannot be possible without considering online channels. Like every other business, flooring companies need to make their presence felt online to benefit from a larger customer base. It implies that these businesses need to leverage search engines to reach out to their target audience.

What better way to enhance your visibility on them than by optimizing your site for the search engine? Search engine optimization or SEO for flooring companies enhances a business website’s visibility and ranking on the search engine. It, in turn, helps more of your target audience discover your services and avail of them. 

Why SEO for Flooring Companies Is Important for Growth

A few years ago, simply having a website for your flooring store was enough. But today, it’s only the first step in the direction of getting over your competitors and doing more business.

Head over to Google and type ‘flooring stores.’ You’ll find more than 50 million results. If you find even a few of those search results from the business in your place, it means that your site has several hundred competitors who are vying for getting the attention of your target audience. 

Some of the topics pertaining to the flooring industry that people frequently search include:

  • How to locate a flooring installation company?
  • Which is the best flooring company in the US?
  • How to select flooring services?
  • Who is a good wood flooring service provider?
  • What is a good flooring option?
  • Where can I get expert flooring installation services?

A good flooring SEO strategy will help you provide valuable answers to such queries of people. It will, in turn, make your site appear more relevant to Google, and you’ll find it ranking higher.

The higher you rank, the more traffic you’ll get. This increased traffic will be a reason for you to experience more business and sales. 

Effective SEO Tips for Flooring Companies

Today, it’s important for every flooring contractor to optimize their site for the search engine. But where do you begin? Start by implementing some effective techniques given below.

Employ long-tail keywords

Conducting thorough keyword research is imperative for you to tap into your target audience. The keywords will help you determine what your flooring customers are searching for or what they want in a flooring store. 

When using keywords, a great tip is not to use broad terms like ‘flooring store.’ Targeting specific long-tail keywords related to your unique selling points and location will help you rank quicker.

For example, ‘flooring store in Toronto, Canada’ is an example of a long-tail keyword. It’s good to create a list of everything that distinguishes your business from others. Then, perform keyword research to see which ones are best for your site.

Some popular keywords for flooring businesses are:

  • Flooring installation contractors
  • Flooring company near me
  • Commercial flooring contractors
  • Hardwood flooring contractors
  • Flooring contractors near me
  • Hardwood flooring company
  • Wood flooring company
  • Bamboo flooring installation
  • Wooden flooring company
  • Prefinished hardwood flooring

Focus on local SEO

Local SEO or local searches focuses on a local region to enhance brand awareness. When people search ‘hardwood floors near me’ or ‘flooring company near me’, it means that they want to avail the services of companies in their region. 

To optimize your site for local search, it’s essential to set up a Google My Business account. In fact, it’s the first thing that experts of an SEO services company will do to boost your company’s visibility among the local population of your area.

Your flooring company should also be listed in top niche directories. Here is a list of the popular ones your target customers often visit to find out about a flooring contractor.


Another way is to ensure that you have optimized the local keywords in your website’s heading, URL, and metadata.

Individually optimize every page

It’s important to optimize every single page of your website to boost its visibility. Ensure that you are using the relevant keywords in a page’s URL, title tag, headers, copy, and photos.

The keywords you use should reflect the content on that particular page. Insert tags and descriptions that are accurate and helpful to the user.

It will enable your pages to rank higher for specific services and also direct users to the relevant webpage of your site

Engage in content marketing

The content should be relevant to the target audience, which allows it to be shared and consumed effortlessly. It’s a long-term strategy that requires much of your time. However, it creates undeniable brand awareness and makes it appear more trustworthy.

Track your progress

SEO for flooring companies is a dynamic process. So, you need to modify your optimization strategies according to the latest trends. In the absence of effective monitoring of your efforts, you can only guess about the terms that may improve your site’s ranking.

So, ensure that you have a system in place for measuring and improving your strategy. 

You can use analytics tools like SEMRush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, among others, to evaluate your strategy.

The search engine algorithms and the needs of your customers are constantly changing. So, it’s essential for you to modify your SEO strategies accordingly.

Summing up

Organic search results traffic is the most crucial and sometimes the greatest source of traffic for all businesses in any domain. When it comes to SEO for flooring companies, it’s essential to consistently bring in new customers and nurture relationships with current ones.

It can only happen when your website gets easily discovered by users. You can also seek the assistance of qualified SEO experts. They have considerable experience helping companies gain more qualified web traffic and convert visitors into leads.

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