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Professional NDIS Cleaning Services

NDIS Cleaning Services

What is the NDIS fund?

NDIS cleaning can only finance support that is considered necessary and proportionate, for example related to a person’s disability.

The NDIS plan is different for each participant. In general, NDIS can fund support that they cannot do on their own, including cleaning, gardening or vacuuming, due to their limitations.

Many people believe cleanliness is next to godliness and it has been the basis on which they live their lives. However, for people with disabilities, cleaning might prove challenging or even possible.

NDIS does not cover tasks that require the services of experts or professionals, such as hiring electricians, plumbers to repair cracked pipes and other related maintenance, even if the customer has a disability. .

Does NDIS include house cleaning?

Yes, but not for everyone. There are many factors that NDIS should consider before deciding to fund its plan. Support should be proportionate and necessary and should help you achieve your goals, objectives and aspirations.

What if the cleaners are not registered with NDIS?

Due to the small size of the cleaning company and other services, many of them are not registered with NDIS cleaning. They may not yet know about NDIS cleaning or have not yet started the registration process. However, you have access to unregistered providers if your funds are managed separately or on a schedule.

What to consider when hiring a cleaning lady, such as a handyman

Create a service contract: As with any other service provider, it is necessary to create a service contract with the NDIS cleaning or maintenance service. It is a written contract that covers your service delivery and requirements and also protects you from misunderstandings arising from the services.

Price agreement: Due to the NDIS overcharge system, you and your service provider must agree on a price before they can start working. Please note that any amount other than the hourly rate is not payable by NDIS. This means that you will have to include all incidental costs in the contract. If you can’t get to them, you can pay for it out of pocket.

Use the NDIS wizard: The cleaning service must ensure that its invoices comply with NDIS requirements to avoid payment problems and that you also provide ongoing services. This means that the invoice must meet the following requirements:

It should clearly show the number of hours worked, as NDIS allows only one system per hour.

NDIS regulates the maximum amount you can charge for each hourly rate. For more information on these categories, see the NDIS Pricing Guide.

Here is exactly what you need to state when the provider sends their invoices.

NDIS professional cleaning services

Where to find NDIS cleaners

If you are looking for janitors in Melbourne, Clean House Melbourne offers NDIS cleaning services. They pay reasonable prices for domestic cleaning services with disabilities and issue offers by e-mail, telephone or in-person. You can also search the Clickability folder for rated and rated cleaning providers or let our team help you find the right one by clicking here.

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