Mayweather vs logan paul buffstreams

The live Q&A hosted by Logan Paul and Mayweather was a wild spectacle, but we all came away wondering what exactly happened.

In the arena of competitive sports, boxing is one of the most intense.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul has currently been one of the most talked-about events in the boxing industry. This fight is highly anticipated because of its unique premise, given that it has not taken place in any traditional boxing ring, but rather on YouTube boxing, which has an interesting set of rules. The top boxing gyms in the world have come together to train the fighters and help them prepare for this unconventional match.

Last week, the world was rocked by a vicious and appalling tweet from @FloydMayweather. The tweet was a real doozy, asking Pauly D (from Jersey Shore) – who is dating Floyd’s daughter, presumably – if Pauly would hit Floyd’s son, making him the latest in a long line of Mayweather opponents to be goaded into responding to a childish taunt.

You are scrolling through your Twitter feed and notice that there is an avalance of boxing related content. This is not uncommon and that is because August 26th is boxing day and the common belief is that boxing day is the day that boxing fans are left waiting for the next fight. That being the case, you will see an increase in the amount of content that is trending on twitter.

“Mayweather vs Logan Paul: The Epic Fight 2,” was a boxing match streamed on August 25th by YouTube megastar Logan Paul. Unlike the first fight, which was promoted by only a handful of people, the rematch was promoted by both Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. This high-profile fight, which featured challenging opponents, commentary from Paul, and a lot of trash talk, was an opportunity for both fighters to garner a wide audience for their channels. Unfortunately, both fighters made a series of (unfortunate) decisions that lost some of their fans and led to plenty of backlash in the boxing community.

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