Is the exam pattern the same for the CAT question paper? Is solving the CAT question paper worth it?

What is a CAT question paper?

CAT stands for Common Admission Test and is one of the most popular and important examinations in India. CAT question paper mainly focuses on the analytical and logical skills of a candidate. This consists of four sections that question the candidates on their aptitude, analytical ability, reasoning skills and verbal ability. CAT is taken by two major institutions – IITs and IIMs. It is also conducted by other premier institutions like IISc, NITs and central universities. Generally held between the months of November and December. The exam is relatively more difficult than most of the other entrance exams. This can be attributed to the fact that students are expected to analyse and solve problems in multiple subject areas, including mathematics. CAT is also considered to be a prerequisite for many admission processes that include post-graduate studies, MBA programs and research positions in government institutes.

Is the exam pattern the same for the CAT question paper?

For the CAT question paper, there are different sections, but the total time duration for the exam is of 3 hours. The topics remain the same for all three sections. The only difference is in the number of questions asked and the difficulty level of each topic. For example, in comparison to other entrance exams like UPSC CSE and ESE; CAT has a comparatively high level of difficulty. This can be explained by looking at the principles behind how it is conducted. For example, when two students submit exactly identical answers for any one topic, then that particular answer would be correct. But this can never be the case in CAT. Because of the difference in time duration and difficulty level, an average CAT aspirant would have to face a lot of difficulties while preparing for this particular exam.

CAT question paper consists of 3 sections:-

Let us first brief you with the subjects in CAT exam. The following are the important topics that are there in CAT syllabus.

a) Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

The passages will be presented to the candidates in English, students are expected to read through the passage and then answer the question given at the end.

b) Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

This section will consist of questions on mathematics, probability related questions and a section on word problems.

c) Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability

The quant is a numerical reasoning problem that requires knowledge in algebra. Probability is another area of interest for all CAT aspirants. The logical reasoning section will consist of probability related questions, simple algebra questions, geometry problems, number properties etc.

What are the advantages of solving the CAT question paper?

There are many advantages of solving the CAT question paper; however, the one which is most significant for an average CAT aspirant would be the following:-

  • By solving the CAT question paper, you can access not only general knowledge but also get to know a variety of topics in a better manner. You can also practice your analytical skills and make yourself a good debater in future.
  • In addition to these, you can also develop an attitude of solving tough problems and concentrate on fast solving. By following such a strategy you can save both your time and energy.
  • By solving the CAT question paper you will be able to understand your strong and weak points, this is possible because if you solve enough CAT questions then with time you will get a good estimate of where you stand in terms of analytical ability, reasoning skills and verbal ability.
  • If there are any specific topics in which you need help then the CAT question paper again will play an important role. You can look for the appropriate solution for this topic by referring to the CAT question paper. This again would help in building your confidence level.

Is solving the CAT question worth it?

CAT is a very tough exam that requires a lot of effort and practice. However, it can be the best stepping stone for the aspirants who want to get admission to good colleges across India. There are various other entrance exams and other various steps involved in getting admission to a college. But if one is not able to crack CAT then they would have to go through the process again and again. Getting into good colleges depends on a number of factors like preparation, exposure, hard work and luck. Studying hard and being patient are important factors that all the students should take into consideration while preparing for exams like CAT.

It is indeed very important to solve the CAT question paper before the exam. Even though students are required to take a mock test before the actual exam, solving the CAT question paper can go a long way in helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses. The first step towards success would be to learn from your mistakes and realize what you need to do in order to improve in future.

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