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Parimatch International Charitable Foundation is a charitable organization that helps victims of the war in Ukraine. How to donate to the Parimatch Foundation and what celebrity auctions are available. Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, the children’s Charitable Foundation has not only taken on the mission of providing assistance to Ukrainian citizens who find themselves in difficult life situations. but has also started actively cooperating with various charitable foundation for children. With some for the purpose of obtaining financial funds to support projects in their country. With others – on the contrary, with the aim of helping them and coordinating joint actions.

Parimatch Foundation

International Charitable Foundation is an organization that has its values ​​and relentlessly pursues them, helping children according to the following criteria:

  • the main way of ensuring the physical health of Ukrainians is the development of sports in the country;
  • health is the basis of a happy and healthy nation in children’s Charitable Foundation;
  • so that every child can reveal his true potential, the child must be given a full range of opportunities to choose and realize himself in the future;
  • the three pillars on which the success of the charitable foundation rests are the public sector, the direct work of the Charitable Found team and public organizations that help not only to find problems, but also to solve them

Today, the children’s Charitable Foundation cooperates with many government and commercial organizations that help not only in finding children, but also in providing them with all the necessary assistance. So, the Prometheus course platform, the Shakhtar football club and its non-profit Charitable Found Shakhtar Social, the Donbas hockey club, the Ukrainian sports online bank Sportbank. The Ukrainian floorball federation, the juvenile police, the sports committee of Ukraine and many other state and regional regulators in sports and public areas of activity.

Children suffered the most from the war, their difficulties fell heavily on the shoulders of their parents. The “Support the Child” charity fund is ready to help both. To help his work, you can donate to the Charitable Found. It was this project that attracted the attention of the organizers, as everyone understands that children are the ones who in the future will have to rebuild the country and work in it. And it is necessary to take care of their mental health and successful socialization right now.

Against the background of the war that broke out on the territory of the country, the foundation was actively involved in helping the victims in the territory of hostilities. The Parimatch Foundation team is non-stop looking for funds and opening fundraisers to help civilians who are in hot spots and need help like no other. Directly on the website, there is a “Help” button at the top of the screen, by clicking on which you can make a contribution to help victims of war.

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