How to start writing a sociology assignment

Writing an essay can be a piece of cake or a very difficult task, depending on the interests of a person. But writing a sociology essay gets a bit tricky for almost everyone because of the fact that it needs a good enough preparation time before actually jotting it down.


The very basic and the most important part of writing a sociology essay is to line up the chain of thoughts in a logical progression.

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 Hence, in this article we are going to put some light on the same. Here I present you the 10 mantaras that a pro generally uses so as to structure his ideas before actually writing his piece of art.

  • Do a prior reading of your topic
  • It is always good to be well read and well versed with the topic for which you plan to write. This habit not only makes you capable of putting  a better argument but also helps in quoting that article with adequate proofs and references.
  • Organise your thoughts in a progression
  • Each individual has a different chain of thoughts. Some may be better, someone may not. But what sets an impressive chain apart from the rest is the progression in which it has been aligned and penned down.
  • Sketch your argument
  • One needs to sound very confident while putting an argument. Availability of humongous amount of thesis on internet can provide your essay a general direction, but to be able to organise those thoughts is an art that one needs to master. Always use the method of first clustering the points and then writing observations around each of that point.
  • Create an outline for the argument and programming homework help from the experts at discounted prices.
  • Once you are done with sketching the argument, find out the “best fit” for the structure that helps you in supporting the argument that you intend to make.
  • Always provide a background to your argument
  • An argument is the result of either your own thoughts or someone else’s opinion. It is a must to always provide the source of inspiration of that argument.
  • Follow a proper structure
  • Your essay has to have a well organised structure – An introduction, a body and a conclusion. Without distinct presence of each one of these, an essay fails to leave a mark.
  • Quote people, use references.
  • The best thing while writing a sociology essay is to understand the thoughts of others and to be able to quote your argument for or against those line of thoughts.
  • Acknowledge the opponents.
  • One of the most basic rules while writing a sociology essay is to respect other’s point of view. One must never forget the fact that these are opinions and opinions tend to be different.
  • Make it coherent
  • Coherency is the most loved asset of an essay. An article full of arguments and very good references will fail to make a mark if not supported with a coherent structure.
  • Use the 7 C’s of communiction
  • Never forget to inculcate the 7 Cs in your writing – Be clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous.

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