How To Make Your Sew-In Weave Look Natural

Making our sew-in weave hair look more natural is what every woman expects and wants after wearing braided hair for a long time. What’s cooler than hitting the streets and giving you more confidence with your weave hair? Braid your hair even if it is 100% natural human hair. Still, it will inevitably look fake during use. To make it look more natural, you should follow the tips in this article.

Use Less Heat to Your Natural Sew in Weave Hair

One of the best ways to make a sew-in weave look more natural is to use as much heat as possible to limit the heat. The heat from styling tools and flat irons can make your natural hair dry and rough. Braided hair may no longer retain its shine as it did before. Your virgin hair is a hair type that has not undergone any chemical treatment. Your braided virgin hair responds to heat just like your natural hair.

sew in weave
sew in weave

Wash your Sew-in Weave Hair Like Your Hair

Washing your hair is very important. When you buy your virgin hair you need to know how to care for your braid and how to wash your hair properly. After washing, allow your hair to dry naturally to avoid getting wet and causing odor and mildew problems.

Cut your Best Hair Sew-in a Weave to Fit Your Face

Look at the hairline and there are strands of hair along the hairline that are yours alone. Treat the weave the same way. Style your hair according to your taste and what suits you best. If possible, it’s a good idea to choose a face-framing cape to cut and style your hair like a pro.

Make Use of Your Hairline

Tying at the back or the back of the main head weave the need to worry about the hairline. The only challenge is using tools like permanent wands and flexible wands to tie the hair in the warp and weft or straighten the hair to straighten it.

curly hair sewin weave wig
curly hair sewin weave wig

Try a Top Closure Hairpiece

Top closure hairpieces are a practical and stylish solution to cover up the weave, but they look like head hair when worn with natural parting hair. The best human hair closure wigs come in all shapes and sizes, with search options to suit your style. The same applies to closures. Don’t be afraid to change it as needed. Take special care not to damage the device during operation.

Take Good Care of The Extensions 

Remy weaves are very popular. While trying to keep the natural weave shape, you need to take care of your Remy Kinky curly hair extensions. On the first day, condition your hair according to the expert’s instructions to maintain the texture of the mixture. This ensures that the human hair stays in the right position naturally.

Pay Attention to the Quality of the Hair

You can buy cheap hair anywhere, but we can’t guarantee the quality and you can’t mix well. Take the time to research and choose the type of hair extensions that work best for you. If you are looking for hair that looks natural and sits perfectly, you need to consider the overall hair quality, texture, and color when choosing the right extension for your needs.

best curly hair extensions
best curly hair extensions

Put Away the Hair Products

Only good natural shampoos and good conditioners should take care of the texture. If you want to use iron, maybe use a heat protectant spray. Nothing else, the product’s fat-displacing texture of course screams for everyone!

Wear Believable Lengths

As a general rule, never wear a weave longer than 4 inches than your hair. I know a lot of people disagree with me on this but listen to me. No matter how good your texture is, sometimes you’ll find a “gap” of hair between the runway and your shading unless your hair is 2 inches long and 18 inches wide. It doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t look good, amazing.


We hope these tips will help you keep your hair looking natural. With all the above steps, I hope there is a good solution to keep your hair looking its best. I’m sure wearing your hair down is the best way to encourage healthy hair habits most of the time, but sometimes I’m a stickler for good styling and these tips will keep you looking very natural.

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