How to Host a Tea Party Bridal Shower – Amazing Ideas on Tea Party

When it is about wedding shower ideas, Tea parties are among the most classic, elegant choices you can have. This theme doesn’t just seem elegant right off of the start. Still, more important, a tea-themed bridal shower is appropriate for any budget, season, and age group. The theme provides everyone with the opportunity to wear their finest party attire. Perhaps even a stunning hat, and enjoy tasty treats, good conversation, and, obviously, a good coffee. If you’re planning to host a tea party bridal shower, then make sure to check out our list. Here you’ll find what you’ll need to think about how to host a tea party bridal shower. Such as the venue and dress code, the decorations, and much more.

How to host a tea party bridal shower


The tea celebration bridesmaid shower invitations do not have to be extravagant. Traditional white invitations that feature embossed or letter-pressed text are elegant, and floral designs are always a theme! Make sure you include all the necessary details on your invitations, including the name of the guest of honor as well as your name (or who is hosting the event) as well as what the wedding theme is (and the dress code, when applicable) the dates, times, venue as well as the wedding registry website or wedding site of the couple.


It is possible to host a tea bridal shower party almost anyplace. Still, several kinds of places work ideal for this kind of theme. The first is obvious is a traditional tea house! Find traditional tea houses in your region or consult at local establishments and hotels to find out if they have the option of sitting down tea. Mansions, museums, and historical mansions are another excellent starting point. Larger places will typically include a tea room or cafe within the grounds. You may be able to book for a private event. When you host your bridal shower in an old-fashioned tea house, it will be a great experience of tea suggestions from a professional and table service and the built-in appeal of the location.

It’s also simple to throw a tea celebration or bridal shower at your home (or the residence of a family member or friend of the bride, etc.). If the weather is pleasant and you have a garden or backyard setting is just as lovely! As the hostess, make sure that you have plenty of space for everyone to be able to fit comfortably, and don’t forget to include seating arrangements, tables, and parking seating (especially for guests with a disability) as well as food displays and a place to allow everyone to sit together as the bride presents her gifts.


This theme is ideal when you’re celebrating an upcoming bride who enjoys the mix of romantic and vintage designs. A tea-themed bridal shower doesn’t have to be about making all the decorations appear shabby chic. Instead, it’s about creating an environment that’s a little eccentric and shabby chic, like you’ve collected all of the elements over the years. Use details like chinoiserie vases, mismatched dishes, fresh blooms, and tablecloths with lacy patterns to create an enchanting, cozy atmosphere. Are you planning your tea bridal shower party with a limited budget? Take a trip to the thrift stores where you can locate antique teacups and plates. Without spending a fortune, you can even borrow decorative items from your family members and friends, such as your aunt, grandmother, or mother. When you’re buying decor from many different sources, keep your color scheme in mind. Also, remember that sometimes, less is more.


Flowers are a great method to refresh any room. Suppose you’re planning a tea-party wedding shower. In that case, we prefer flowers that look like garden designs that aren’t terribly beautiful or neat. If you’re planning to have an expert florist create arrangements, make sure you request traditional flowers such as roses, carnations, peonies, tulips with greenery accents, Queen Anne’s Lace, or Astilbe.

Color palette

Our preferred colors for this bridal shower theme are pastels, with pops of vibrant, bright shades. Keep your palette in three or four complementing shades (you do not need to go into full-on rainbow-themed!) for the most elegant appearance. For the most elegant look, you can also consider old pieces to get color ideas — flowers on china, tablecloths with patterns, and handkerchiefs with embroidered designs all match into the look of a tea-party bridal shower. You can use them to create decorations!


Now you’re thinking about a tea party dress, right? Traditionally, the tea-party dress code is a semi-formal dress code. For ladies that means dress and skirts which are a bit more expensive than what you’d wear for a normal day, however, there’s no need to wear a long, formal dress. Colorful patterns, bright colors, and short silhouettes are suitable. Just stay clear of anything too casual or unflattering. Add sensible heels, statement jewelry pieces, and a hat if you’re going all-out in the theme.

Food & refreshments

If you’re following the tradition-based British tea menu, there are some items you should not miss. Small sandwiches are absolute must-have cucumber eggs, watercress, and smoked salmon are the three most well-known kinds for the savory portion. Combine them with small desserts like trifles, sponge cakes, Scones, and a range of toppings such as jam, clotted cream, and jam. On the menu next: tea! It’s not necessary to know the distinctions between different tea varieties.

However, we suggest having a variety of teas available for your guests. Make sure to serve at least one black tea (Earl Grey, English breakfast, and Ceylon are all popular choices), one green tea, and one caffeine-free herbal tea (try the peppermint, chamomile, and the rooibos). Serve a variety of condiments like sugar, cream, milk cubes, lemon, honey, and sugar cubes so that guests can personalize their tea according to their preferences. The formality of a tea set can make things feel extra luxurious.

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