How To Find Indian Grocery Stores in Other European Countries?

Indians are always very particular about their taste buds, looking out for the accurate and authentic Indian food taste. But, searching for the same Indian taste in foreign countries can sometimes be tedious as these countries have only limited options for the Indian Online Grocery Stores.

Regarding Europe, we always give first preference to the European countries while considering an option for relocating outside India, be it in search of a job or the good universities. This is because Europe has a long list of the best universities worldwide, offering desired future scope to the students. Also, most of the MNC’s and big companies are based in European countries. It gives a tempting opportunity to the job seekers. 

But the only point that restricts Indians from selected European countries is the lack of Indian food tastes. There are minimal offline and online stores in these countries offering the real Indian taste to their residents. 

A few offline stores dealing with these categories are located in the outskirts of the country, thereby making it difficult for people to travel long distances frequently. But for the rescue, some online stores claim to provide authentic Indian taste at your doorstep, delivering the best qualities at the lowest possible rates-Dookan being one of these best stores. 

Why is it difficult to Find Indian Grocery Stores in European Countries? 

The European Countries are the dream destinations for Indian professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. Popularity for these countries has been increasing manifold after Brexit and the post-pandemic situations.

Pandemic has restricted and limited Indian supplies, making it difficult to find Indian Grocery stores in European countries. Indians residing in these foreign countries have the options of only 2-3 offline Indian grocery stores to get their desired supplies.

Adding to the difficulties, most of these stores are situated in the outskirts of Europe. Therefore, being a student or a job employee in Europe, it is not practically possible for them to travel these long distances weekly to collect the essentials.

Some online Indian Grocery Stores have been launched in Europe, promoting easy options and selections and delivering essentials to your doorstep. 

How to Find an Indian Grocery Store? 

After eliminating the option for traveling long distances to gather Indian Grocery items, Online Stores are the only and the most beneficial options left with Indians residing in Europe. 

Also, why spend extra commuting charges when you can get your essentials delivered Free of Cost! 

Yes, you heard that right! Online Indian Grocery Stores provide free deliveries to their customers in Europe, thereby saving your extra time and effort. This is just one of the benefits of online Indian Grocery Stores. Adding to it is a long list you have not even thought of. 

Let’s dig into the features of online grocery stores that you must consider before placing your orders, giving easy answers for finding an Indian grocery store.

Shipping Charges: 

One of the best benefits of shopping from Online Indian grocery stores is the less or no shipping charges. You need not bear extra fuel costs or parking charges. Online stores will deliver the selected items at your doorstep, saving your time as well.

Convenient Shopping: 

Online platforms give you the option to place orders from anywhere and anytime. So, if you’re stuck in the metro or waiting for the cab, you can make accessible selections for your essentials, placing an order at just a click. 

Increased Options: 

Most online stores have a space limitation that restricts them from displaying multiple options. Therefore, this problem is eliminated with online Indian Grocery stores. Online Stores need not think about where to display an additional category or option. They can list as many items as possible, giving benefits to the customers of easy price comparisons and a wide array of selections. 

Discount Offers and Benefits: 

We all can agree to the fact that online stores provide more discounts and offer as compared to offline markets. Online Indian grocery stores will help you grab your ideal product at discounted prices. It helps you to shop more within the same budget. 

So now, if you find multiple options for Online Indian Grocery Stores and if you are confused about making the selections, consider the points mentioned above for the best options. 

Dookan- Your Online Grocery Partner:  

We have discussed why online Indian Grocery Stores are ideal for placing easy orders. Further helping our readers with the best option, we have researched the best online Indian grocery store in Europe. This store relates to each of the points mentioned above with the same for maximum benefits.

The best one-stop-shop for all your desi needs deals with the broad categories and top Indian brands. The online platform claims to deliver real and authentic Indian taste to your doorstep at the least possible prices. 

Categories available with Dookan include grains, flours, flour mixes, spices, condiments, and pastes. Also, you can get beverages, snacks, instant food, fresh fruits, vegetables, personal and home care products. Moreover, this Indian Online Grocery Store has a list of discount offers and coupon codes. Users can grab their essentials at the best possible prices from Dookan. 

Dookan also has the list and options for Pooja items that allow Indians to complete their festivals with all the rituals, providing the possibilities for fasting items. 


 If you are also an Indian residing in European countries and are struggling with Indian grocery products, do consider Dookan. The website will be your perfect online grocery partner, providing you with a long list of products you have been searching for.

 Also, check out the discount and offers section to grab the prices!

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