How to Combine Vacation With Training and Whether It’s Possible to Give up Sports on Vacation at All

How not to lose your shape on vacation? Should you exercise regularly on vacation, or should you put your workouts aside and spend the whole day playing Pragmatic Play games or reading books by your favorite authors? But if you don’t work out, won’t all your gains be lost in 2-3 weeks?

Useful Tips for Those Going on Vacation

What is the most important thing about going on vacation? It’s important to have a great time, enjoy your vacation, get vivid emotions and keep good memories. It’s easy to ruin your vacation by constantly counting the calories you eat and worrying about missing fitness workouts. 

So what – to give up on a healthy lifestyle and go to all the trouble?  

You can. In a couple of weeks no disaster will occur. But if you’re on vacation for more than a month and you don’t work out, changes have already started to happen to your body. 

But on the other hand, you have more free time now, including for training. And why not devote it to taking care of your body? When you’re on vacation, you sleep more, wake up later, don’t work, and relax – your body recovers faster. So you can work out more often, with more energy, and finally do something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time, like learn a new kind of fitness.

The choice is yours. But whatever decision you make, the main thing is not to miss what really matters – relax, enjoy the sun, the sea and enjoy the happy moments.

How to Train Properly on Vacation

If the Plan Is to Keep Working Out While on Vacation

Take a couple of days off from work stress and jet lag/travel. If you feel like you’re ready for a fitness workout, start working out. You don’t have to find a good gym in a foreign country or unfamiliar city. You can work out in the park, or on the beach. 

If You Don’t Feel Like Working Out on Vacation

Switch to a recreational physical activity, try something new like badminton or beach volleyball. Don’t just swim, but go swimming, do rope courses, walk more. Combine business with pleasure. Swimming will strengthen your arms and back muscles, and beach volleyball or badminton is a good cardio load that will tone the whole body. 

If You Want to Relax a Little, but Remember About the Sport on Vacation

Reconstruct the schedule of workouts on vacation. As an option, make them a little shorter in time, a little easier on the load. Instead of 3-4 fitness classes, train 2 times a week. Include functional exercises – those that engage the maximum number of muscles: squats, push-ups, barbell. 

Adding a little sport to your rest won’t make you lose your shape, and you’ll be rested and refreshed when you return to regular workouts to conquer new peaks.

How to Eat on Vacation and Not Get Fat

And how can you not try the delicious local food on vacation? Not to enjoy some unusual treats and treat yourself to a delicious ice cream? Should you deny yourself the pleasure? 

But while enjoying a delicious meal on vacation, don’t forget about a sense of proportion. To enjoy it, there is no need to consume kilos of goodies. A small portion is quite enough. 

But sometimes you forget about the balance and moderation in eating on vacation and you want to have fun. It’s good if you have an ingrained habit of healthy eating. But what if you don’t? Know that one or two cakes will not harm either your health or your figure, but remember that all is well in moderation.

While on vacation, focus on the basic principles of good nutrition, but don’t get hung up on them. Good food is important on vacation. But don’t overeat just because you’re on vacation. Control your portion sizes and enjoy in moderation.

If you ate a croissant and drank a half-liter of cola, it’s not a reason to say that all is lost, and the rest of the day you can eat whatever you want. Indulge yourself, and move on – be more active and eat healthy food for the rest of the day.

This way you don’t deny yourself anything and at the same time eat well and deliciously for the sake of your health and fitness.

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