How to Be Prepared for the Hidden Dangers of the Holidays

The holidays are a time of good food and even better company. But danger can lurk around these festive corners. Are you ready?

A Line of Credit Can Be a Holiday Reserve

Unexpected expenses can be challenging at any time of the year. But when you’ve already stretched your budget and maxed out your credit cards on the festivities, even a small bill can seem impossible.

Generally speaking, a line of credit is a good backup when the usual safety nets like a balanced budget, emergency savings, and credit cards aren’t available. You can put your expense on your line of credit and pay it back over time.

If you don’t already have a line of credit waiting in the wings, go online to research your options. Take the time to compare a CC Flow Line of Credit to other online loans to make sure it’s something that suits your emergency.

4 Unexpected Holiday Hazards

While a line of credit can help with the fallout of many emergencies on this list, it’s simply easier and less stressful to avoid these hazards altogether.

1. Fires

 ‘Tis the season to overload outlets for lights, wrap a flammable Christmas tree in said lights, cook more often, and leave candles going throughout the home.

You can reduce these items start a fire by:

2. Food Poisoning

Between canapés left unrefrigerated for too long and undercooked turkey, your favorite holiday foods can hide harmful bacteria that make you incredibly sick.

Safe food handling is the surest way to keep food-borne illnesses from ruining the festivities. Give yourself enough time to cook things thoroughly, making sure you reach the safe internal temperatures for meat in particular. While serving food, consider using hotplates or ice to keep dishes out of the “danger zone.”

3. Pet Emergencies

Your dining table may still be a hazard, even if you follow the usual food safety precautions. That’s because many of the season’s most popular treats are toxic to dogs and cats.

Chocolate sends countless dogs to urgent care every Christmas Eve. But it’s not just this sweet treat: grapes, nuts, some cheeses, and artificial sweeteners are also dangerous for Fido.

As for cats, many of the festive plants that don Christmas settings can be poisonous, like holly and poinsettias. Decorate with pet-safe plants instead and keep these foods out of reach of pets.

4. Decoration Disasters

Any fan of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation knows that decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t always go according to plan. In the film, family man Clark Griswold winds up dangling precariously from his gutters when trying to set up the perfect light display.

What makes for a hilarious scene on screen is anything but funny if it happens to you. More than half of all those who fall from ladders end up hospitalized.

Skip the trip to the hospital by following these tips:

Stay Safe This Holiday!

Celebrate with peace of mind and follow these tips all season long.

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