How to Apply Makeup Step by Step

Apply Makeup The Right Way

We all are guilty of having a drawer full of makeup tools that sits in there for years and years. But we never really learn how to use it, right? Today, I’m going to show you how to apply foundation step by step.

Let’s Start

So let’s get started. Open your drawer, take out a foundation and shake it up really good before you use it for the first time. Shake 2 to 3 drops of foundation in small shallow swipes on each area under your eyes (I know where my dark circles are and I’m all about covering those). In between that, apply another layer or two of body moisturizer around the same spot so that no streaks show up when you go to apply your foundation. Don’t let the moisturizer finish before you apply your favorite bronzer (These skinny little flashlights are amazing!).

Makeup Advice For Summer Time

If it is summertime I’ll make sure to hit that SPF section because in order for my makeup not to slide around on my face, I apply powder afterward only! Swipe a thin layer of blush next and then slowly add one or two more layers depending on how big do recommend another brush—I love using a flat foundation brush for this, because it creates the perfect even look. You have to remember: you can never apply too little or too much makeup! Now is also the time where I add some of my favorite bronzers on certain parts of my face (gotta match that tan if you want to be “tan” during summertime). Throw in your favorite mascara and here’s how tanned and pretty you’ll get. For now, throw on your sunglasses and go to the beach or wherever you’re going and have fun!

At this point, I’ll do an all-over face bronzer, apply my concealer with a good brush (this will be important because of all the makeup on your face when it’s finished) then put some matte-tinted moisturizer. Depending on what type of foundation you used, add more layers if needed, but now is usually not too late.

Important Aspect To Remember Before Applying Makeup

One more thing I always do is add a highlighter to my cheeks. Lately, I am using the Nars range which has really great products and they are some of my favorite things ever created on this planet. Either way, you want it to be nice without being glittery that’s why matte all over works so well, but hey if you’re guilty like me then as long as you’re not too obvious it’s okay to have one on your cheekbone.

One Last Step

The last step is the liquid (it can be matte or shimmer but remember all my current products are matte) and this will give a fresh look and make everything blend uninterrupted 🙂

How pretty was that! And with only six steps, I’m sure you’ll know how to create amazing summer makeup too!! Hope you all understand and enjoy my blog. I have given some of the best advice to every woman out there.

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