Why Should You Attract and Hire Students at Your Company

Whether you manage a corporation or a start-up or Hire Students, you cannot ignore the importance of the student population. Senior year students are the assets of the future. And sooner or later you would be hiring from the same pool. So, many companies now offer jobs to students straight out of university. They could be hired through online portals or campus job fairs. Moreover, universities can also recommend their top students to relevant companies that are hiring.

In any case, graduates can bring a lot of qualities and a breath of fresh air to the workplace. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as millennials make up the largest group in the US workforce. So, whether it’s for an IT company or a sales staffing agency, you should consider students. They can take up most roles and make them their own. Moreover, students can be eager to please and work harder. So, if you’re confused between hiring fresh or experienced professionals, here are some things to consider.

When you hire a student right out of university, the chances are that it will be their first corporate job. So, as human nature, everyone is excited about their first stint in the job market. Most students these days are anxious about stepping into the practical world. Because they don’t know whether they would get a reasonable job or not. So, if you hire them right off the bat, they are much more likely to recognize it as a privilege.

Moreover, graduates can bring a lot of enthusiasm to the workplace as well. They are much more driven and passionate about their work. As a result, they can instill the same passion in their peers as well. A person later in their career might not have the same energy.

#2: Bring a Fresh Perspective

Most often than not, fresh graduates come with a new perspective. They haven’t yet been part of the constantly spinning wheel and can have new ideas. Moreover, people of all ages usually think differently as well. So, a younger person can have a different attitude from the previous generation. They might approach the same work from a new angle. And millennials might come up with more efficient ways to perform the same tasks.

#3: More Tech-Savvy

Technology is an integral part of any workplace. Moreover, baby boomers are generally not that well-versed with the changing tech world. There is new software that can make work easier and much more efficient. Students and fresh hires are more comfortable around technology. So, even if they don’t know something at the time of hiring, they can quickly learn the what’s and why’s. If you want to make your company more technically advanced, you should have young people on your team.

#4: Flexible Habits

Students and fresh grads usually don’t have habits set in stone considering that it is their first job. So, you can easily mold them into the hours and culture of your office. Moreover, they are much more eager to please. So, you can put them in more flexible positions including alternating shifts or duties. They usually don’t have major responsibilities at home and thus can work overtime, if needed. Fresh hires are the best people to consider if you want someone who can adapt according to the situation.

#5: Eager to Learn

You can think of graduates as dry sponges. They will soak up all the information and knowledge that you can give them. Most of them go into new jobs to learn new skills and polish the existing ones. So, they are looking for as many opportunities to learn as possible. If you can attract them with learning sessions and enhance their skills, they are more likely to stay with you. So, they are pretty much blank canvases and you can train them as you like.

Moreover, they are also more likely to adjust to different roles because of the same reasons. They are probably still exploring their options before they commit to something. So, they won’t mind shifting their duties to learn something else. Their main aim might be to get experience in various positions to test the waters.

#6: Lower Salary Expectations

If you are hiring on a budget, then you might have limited options. A fresh graduate or student with no experience can have lower salary expectations. In comparison, experienced professionals would probably ask for more money. Hiring fresh graduates might mean that you can save money on upfront salary costs. But you will have to train them to do as good a job as experienced personnel. So, your talent acquisition plan should include training and development costs for freshies as well. You can arrange seminars and presentations to teach them the required skills.

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