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Harmful effects of air conditioner on men’s health

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Here we discuss men’s health. It’s the time of the scorching summers and who wants to be out under these conditions right? The heat is unrelenting outside almost as if your skin is being grilled. Why not turn on the air conditioner and stay nice and cool inside the room?

This is the thought that most of us have these days at least when the summers are in full swing. The nice chill of ACV with cool temperatures and you can sit and spend a quality time even if the outside is just heating up.

But guess what there are some long-term consequences of being in the air conditioner too much. And this is what we are going to explain you to here. Remember that being under the air conditioner you must increase your chances of having the Fildena. pill earlier in your life.

Here are some of the supporting reasons as to air conditioners are not good for men’s health-

Dry eyes

Your eyes contain ocular fluid. It is important as a protective measure of your eyes. But sometimes being in too cold temperatures inside the air conditioner can mean that this ocular fluid is no more present. Sometimes people already have dry eyes problems in them. And we recommend that for such people remaining within an air-conditioned room for too long is going to further add to the symptoms of dry eyes such as itching, irritation, or even a burning sensation in the eyes.

Dry skin

Your skin may even dry up when you stay in an air-conditioned room for too long. This is because the air inside the chilled room has little vaporized water or moisture content in it. The air inside the room is dry which does not allow your skin to remain hydrated for long as well. It can soak up all the moisture from within the skin within a short period, maybe a few hours.

Your skin will have white patch formations on them. If you go out repeatedly under the hot sun and then in the air-conditioned room it makes the problem even worse. This way the skin might even lose permanent capabilities of remaining hydrated.


Dehydration also occurs due to the same reasons. ever wondered why sometimes you feel a little chilly on the inside and have thirst for water? Well, it is due to high amounts of water loss from within the body that may even occur in cold temperatures.

Many of you think that it is only under hot temperatures can suffer from dehydration problems but that is not true. The reason is simple…

In a chilled AC room there your body loses water in the form of existing moisture. You feel dry mouth, your skin turns dry and this is what triggers dehydration. It could be one of the long-sustained reasons why people end up having to cenforce 100

Respiratory problems

When you stay for sustained hours in the AC then you may suffer from various respiratory problems. To name a few will include dry mouth and throat, nasal blockage, and even inflammation of the mucus membrane this condition is known as rhinitis. The cause is generally a viral or an allergic reaction to the cold weather. For those who have such tendencies inborn, it is always risky to stay inside a cool air-conditioned room for too long.

Asthma and allergies

If you suffer from asthma you know that the cold and dry air both are allergens to trigger an asthma attack. People suffering from asthma must try and stay away from an AC as much as possible. If you have to stay indoors at least make sure that the temperature is not very cold. Cold air is heavy and being dry devoid of any moisture are the two perfect reasons why you end up with allergies and symptoms of an asthma attack. To some who don’t know some of the asthma symptoms include faster breathing, wheezing, coughing, sneezing, etc.

Infectious disease

You are heavily prone to viral and fungal infections when staying in the dry and cold air as inside an air-conditioned room. What happens is that the dry air of the room takes away all the moisture content from within the nasal passages, mucous membranes, and throat. The protective mucus present in the saliva has many protective T-cells that act as a defensive layer against such infections and allergies. Remember that suffering from such viral infections may make you prone to using Vidalista 20 pills.


Of course, as your body undergoes gradual water loss you run the chances of having a headache or even an elevated form of headache that also has repetitive tendencies that are known as migraine attacks. Get more detail at

For such people who are prone to it, we recommend avoiding being in the Ac room for too long and having to take a pill for curing headaches of Powpills.

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