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We are the best home inspectors in the region. But we have much more to offer. We also cater inspection services for commercial buildings across the country especially in long island. Whether you are a dealer, a business owner, commercial realtor, seller, or loan manager, the financial aspect of a property before buying/selling must be carried out professionally. It creates a sense of comfort for the investor and helps them to receive the complete value of their money. The financial decision becomes easier for both parties when the property conditions are transparent. Our commercial inspectors excel in this division as they undergo complete training in commercial building management. Repair costs have a major part in the financial transactions of public spaces.

Three steps for inspection which are necessary:

In this regard there are following three steps to cover the all aspects of the home inspection.

Construction Assessment:

The first step must cover the examination of construction quality and progress. We can help to determine the quality of materials used, the efficiency of labor, and the reliability of the foundation.

Repair Costs:

Our commercial scan enables investors and property dealers to have an insight into repair costs before signing off the documents.

Post-lease Examination:

The furnishing costs considered while making a financial decision which is necessary.

Get Our Best Commercial inspection services

We are the providing the best services of commercial inspection long island and Our commercial inspection services allow you to gain confidence as we cater to all basics including foundation, paving, landscaping, electrical and plumbing systems, heating systems, roofing, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, elevators, lifts, escalators, security & fire protection systems, interior design elements, quality and cost estimation of materials used in construction. Our main objective is to bring our clients whether dealers or asset managers, a steady set of resources through our consultation that would help them visualize, plan and implement wise decisions.

With years of experience in commercial inspection services, we have gathered the best staff as well as the expertise to satisfy our clients successfully. We are passionate about delivering error-free estimates to our customers. We manage everything to the core as we consider the benefit of the client to be our top-most priority.

Our Glory of Commercial inspection

To deliver exceptional performance, we often require additional information. Out of box measures and hiring specialists is necessary to gain values these are necessary. Commercial buildings vary in nature and hence, only a company with the experience of working in a diverse range of sectors can operate efficiently.

We study the nature of our project and often face unique problems. To overcome this, we offer additional commercial inspection services long island so the standards are not compromised and your inspections are made properly.


Accuracy is a necessary factor for a commercial property dealer. You must be aware of the property condition through careful research before signing off a deal. When you avail of our services, you can have a stable idea of how profitable your public property is. Our inspectors are highly trained and are familiar with real estate transactions also we have a great experience in this field and also we have completed a lot of projects in commercial inspection long island. Unnecessary maintenance and repair that may come up later, can cause your profit to go down in loss. Let us help you to examine the sensitivity of inspection through a convenient report, cost estimation, and detailed analysis.

Certified Inspectors

Finding a home inspector licensed and certified by a reputable third-party organization can greatly help you save potentially thousands of dollars in amazing repair or replacement costs right after you move to a new home. Such surprises not only increase frustration and regret from buyers, but can also upset the balance of households.

When a house inspector inspects a house, he produces a detailed report that accurately conveys the problem he found. Homebuyers can cancel their contract or negotiate a better offer. If you are a home seller, the Home Inspection Report gives you the opportunity to fix the problem, or if the appraiser finds few errors, you are confident that a potential buyer will buy your home. Can help you feel we will be available all the time.

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