Five Things that the Top Primary School in Pune Should Have

The primary motive of every parent is to offer their kids a stellar education in the best primary school in Pune to get an edge over the increasing rat race competition. The best education, creating individual identity, and building the perfect personality are the only ways your child can achieve an ambitious career. The top educational institutions in the city will offer a well-rounded learning environment to your kid by concentrating on knowledge, value systems, and other experiential learning.

Being a well-known school in India, GIIS is swiftly changing the curriculum to compete with the tech-savvy and modern world. From putting correct values and habits in the students to having updated infrastructure, we have mentioned below

The top things that GIIS has and others schools in Pune do not.

  The modern curriculum of the pioneer international school in Pune

The ongoing digital classes due to the pandemic have compelled us to revolutionize the learning process. Only textbook learning is not the best tool for knowledge anymore. Instead, multimedia presentations, interactive learning, outstanding graphics, and more have become the normal norm of digital educational facilities. Being the top international school in Pune, the teachers of GIIS have already adopted different modern teaching ways to deliver the best education to the students and assist them to compete globally.

Outstanding value system

We always believe in a firm value system and thus also encourage our students to follow them. Hard work, respect for others, perseverance, compassion, and empathy are some of the values that our alumni still follow in their lives. Our school always acknowledges emotional intelligence and moral support and instills such values into our student belief system. It will help your kid become successful in life and include intangible values, behavior, and habits.

The stellar infrastructure of the well known primary school in Pune

For the past two years, we have understood education cannot get restricted to classes anymore. Since proper knowledge will discover different aspects of physical, intellectual, and emotional growth, we always concentrate on giving them these by investing and improving the campus infrastructure.

App-centric learning

Instead of investing time in the traditional method of textbook learning, the teachers of GIIS inculcate more on app-centric lessons. Computer programming, laboratories, virtual reality, and workshops have become our teaching model. As the top international school in Pune, we have created an exciting learning environment. In this way, our educational institution is making learning fun and more exciting.

Support system

During the adolescence period, most young learners experience anxiety and pressure. Our school includes an experienced and certified student counselor who assists the students in taking care of their mental health. Our school also maintains an interactive and healthy relationship between the young minds and the teachers. So they can ask anything if they require help. The career counselor will also assist your child in their college and course selection and submitting their applications.

 Key Takeaway

It is tough to find the above facilities in any other schools in Pune other than GIIS. So if you want to give your ward the best education in the world, enroll here with no confusion.

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