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Everything you need to know about Smart Lock

Unlike a smart lock, your home key only locks or unlocks your front door.

However, if you are looking for more than just basic functionality or features, Smart Lock is considered an ace option.

Somehow smart locks make our lives easier and simpler.

Are smartphones the keys to the future?    

Of course, the use of smartphones to open up homes and businesses is not yet widespread, but there are good indications that this will be the way of the future. Especially when it turns out that burglars keep inventing new tricks to open ordinary locks, people switch to ‘smart locks.’ Nevertheless, we think it is appropriate to warn you against using digital ‘smart’ locks.

The smart lock system

One way to open electrically is the smart-lock system. This makes it possible to automatically unlock a door and lock it again safely when you leave home. Smart lockers are mounted on the inside of an existing door lock, so you don’t have to drill and screw again.

What are smart locks?

‘Smart locks’ get their name from the automation options they use. Just as a ‘smart thermostat’ automatically lowers the temperature when no one is in the house, smart-lock systems automatically close the home as soon as the last person has left the house.

Different types of smart door locks

There are different types of smart door locks available. Many smart locks can be opened in several ways. Smart locks can usually be divided into one of the groups below.

·         Operate smart door lock via smartphone

There are smart door locks that you operate with an app on your smartphone. These smart door locks use Bluetooth or WiFi to open or close the door. For a WiFi connection, you need a connectable bridge. This makes it possible not only to open and close the door remotely via the app, but you can also see who opened the door and when. If someone wants to enter when you are not at home, you can open the door remotely with a smart door lock.

·         Do you want to open the door via Bluetooth?

If yes, then the range is more limited so that it is only possible to open the lock if you are a short distance from the door. The handy thing about a smart lock with an app is giving multiple people digital keys. This way, you always know who is coming in. This can be very useful if you regularly have people over at home or if an installer has to go inside for a certain period. You can then give him a temporary digital key.

·         Open smart door lock with PIN code.

There are also smart door locks that you operate with a code panel. In this case, you open the door by entering a personal PIN code on a kind of keypad. If you have entered the correct code, the lock will open automatically. If you’ve children who often forget their keys, this can be a very handy option.

It is also possible to set and share temporary PIN codes. This is useful, for example, to give a caregiver or installer access to your home for a short period of time. If you rent out your house through Airbnb, guests can also use the code panel.

·         Smart door lock with a fingerprint scanner

A smart door lock with a fingerprint scanner is an advanced way to open a door. You put your finger on the latch or a plate, after which the scanner identifies your unique fingerprint, and the door opens. You must save your fingerprint in advance so that the system recognizes it.

·         Operate smart door lock with remote control

Some smart locks have a remote control. You can compare this with a remote control in a car. In this case, the remote control replaces the old-fashioned key. As soon as you are close enough to the door, this remote control automatically opens the door with the push of a button.

The benefits of a smart door lock

A smart door lock brings several advantages. Below we list the most important benefits for you:

  1. Easy to open and close the door remotely:
  2. Give other people access without a key:
  3. Give people temporary access, for example, home care employees, or other visitors.
  4. Works faster
  5. Easy to install

Are smart locks secure?

There are many different types of locks on the market. But not all of them are necessarily very safe. For example, many cheap digital locks have come on the market, which are easy to manipulate with the help of a so-called ‘Bluetooth sniffer.’ These are easily available devices that can intercept Bluetooth signals and mimic transponders. Also, the used apps are not always safe and able to protect your privacy-sensitive information. So be well informed about the choice of a safe smart-lock system.

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