WRITING A DIARY Can Be Effective. Read This to Find Out!

“Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you” have you heard about this quote? Keeping a diary is a good thing as it lets you empty down your emotions and different experiences. Once the time will pass, it will help you remember the old days. You will be able to cherish the past moments, thoughts, activities, and in short – all your time. Not just the good moments, a diary will help you remember the bad moments too. It gets you through mixed feelings of frustration, excitement, and anger.

When you’re upset or just need someone to speak your innermost thoughts to, writing a diary is a great idea to express yourself and pour out your heart. Many of us have tried and failed to keep a journal at one point or another. We began during a terrible period and just stopped writing when things improved. It does not have to be like this.

A notebook can also be used to keep track of positive experiences. Not just the bad ones. Here, in this article, we will let you know how to keep a diary along with its benefits. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Keep a Diary That is Both Innovative and Reflect Yourself

There needs to be something that keeps you motivated to write a diary. Add some fun elements to your diary. But what? Below, we have incorporated some ideas.

  • Along with written memories, add images too. Sticking photos will not only make your diary look good but also help you remember the moment in a better way.
  • Add scraps like flowers, stamps, tickets, or whatever you like.
  • You can sketch and draw if you love art and craft.
  • Write a new quote or a goal every day.
  • Include poetry and poems.

Adding these things will elevate the element of interest and you will see yourself maintaining a diary on a daily basis.

Let the Diary Know About You – Yes, Introduce Yourself

On the starting pages, write about yourself. Everything from name and age to likes and dislikes. You can also write about friends and family or the person you are most close to. Tell the diary about your grades, what you are studying, and your occupation if you are working. The starting pages are all about details, including your favorite things, hobbies, and goals can be a good way to start. Also, some people write a “reward if found note” to ensure they get the diary back if lost.

Take a Proper Start

Each day when you sit to write a diary, start by mentioning the day, date, time, and the place you are at. Ensure to write like you are communicating your thoughts, experiences, and ideas to a close one. Add details as much as possible as these write-ups are going to remind you what was happening that specific day.

Name Your Diary

If you are willing to make a diary or personal journal writing a lifetime habit, you can even name your diary. It will help you feel that it is a real human and allow you to empty your heart. Trust me, a diary can be a best friend.

Do Not Be Specific, Write Everything

Some people think diaries are just about writing frustrations, problems, and all the sad things. But is it true? No. Write down everything starting from everyday routine, celebrations, travel stories, and anything that you like to share. It is true that humans remember things that make them sad or happy but for details, diaries play a vital role. Try to write about the positive aspect of everything that happened, it will surely help in spreading positivity later in life.

Don’t Worry If You Skipped Days

It is understandable if you skip days or even weeks. Quitting writing a diary and skipping days are two different things. So, don’t worry and resume writing whenever you find enough time. Just start from the present day. Trying to remember and write about skipped days will make you lose interest in diary writing. And if you come across a thought or remember something about the skipped days, you can always write them. There’s no score of writing a diary, no one is checking up on you, so it’s alright if you have missed some days.

Compare Your Thoughts and See How You Look at Life Now

Reading what you have written previously is a good way to compare how your vision of life has changed. Do this with an open heart and accept what you learn about yourself. Instead of being disgusted over your old self, treat your previous diaries as letters from a different person to your new improved self and be glad that you have changed for is a good way to see how you have grown, improved, and learned as a person. And to be honest, this is another reason for maintaining a diary – that you can see your growth and improvement on a yearly basis.

Ensure to Put It at the Right Place

Since your diary holds all your secrets and other personal details, it is better to keep it safe. For that, your bookshelf is the best place. Instead of placing it separately, put it among the books so nobody can guess it’s your diary. Also, you can place it inside some drawer and keep the key along.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of writing a personal diary?

Writing a personal diary or journal has many benefits. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Keep your thinking organised.
  • Enhance your writing.
  • Set & accomplish your goals.
  • Record ideas on the go.
  • Lighten stress.
  • Allow yourself to self-discovery.
  • Strengthen your memory.
  • Encourage creativity.

How can writing a diary be healthy?

Keeping a diary can help us calm down and lessen our anxiety in potentially stressful situations. Keeping a diary of your thoughts and emotions in situations that make you feel uneasy allows you to gain a sense of control and thereby minimise your anxiety.

Why do people write diaries?

Your confidential buddy and a place where you may be completely honest with yourself are your diaries. People write diaries to release bottled-up emotions and destructive thoughts that have been bothering them. It lets their thoughts and secrets always be with them.

Are there any disadvantages to writing a diary?

Yes, there are two disadvantages regarding maintaining a diary.

  • Lost diaries can be a risk as they hold a lot of details.
  • They can reveal a lot about how a person lives.

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