craigslist miami fl

craigslist miami fl. Later, in 1995, craigslist became a public, for-profit company. In 1998, craigslist launched, which may be the first and best example of a successful online classified site. Since 1995, craigslist has expanded to cities around the world. It currently operates in six countries. In 2001, craigslist entered its golden years. The site had more than 30 million unique visitors per month in 2001. Traffic has remained reasonably steady since then.

When it comes to finding affordable furniture in Miami, or simply getting rid of your old furniture, Craigslist is the most convenient way to go. Craigslist isn’t just a great way to find furniture, it’s also a great way to find used cell phones for sale. Craigslist has always been a reliable website to find used items, and often times you can get a better deal on Craigslist than at any individual store.

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