Check The List Of Top 10 Ranji Teams In Cricket History

One of the most prestigious cricket championships in India is the Ranji Trophy. The strongest cricket teams in the nation compete in it, and it is regarded as perhaps the most significant limited-overs competition. In all parts of India be it Bombay, Delhi, or Madras, so many provinces take part in it and competed for the first Ranji Trophy in 1892. The team who tops the standings at the end of the season is granted the Ranji Trophy, which has been handed since 1947.

The best players in the nation always strive to win the Ranji Trophy, which is a very contested competition. Any team might win at whatever point since the competition is so tight. It is a knockout contest for the Ranji Trophy. Round-robin style play is used during the competition’s opening round. The top four teams move on to the semifinals after that. Both the semifinals and the championship game are knockout contests. Players have toiled tirelessly from the start of the Ranji seasons to raise the profile of their state as seen in
breaking news about cricket . Everyone, from Karnataka to Mumbai, has their top picks on the list. Below are the mentions of teams who play fantastically and almost remain in the top 10, so let’s have them in detail:-

  • Mumbai-

Mumbai has controlled the Ranji Trophy traditionally, taking home the trophy a record 41 times. Due to their total annihilation in winning India’s most prestigious domestic trophy, the Ranji Trophy, Mumbai has been referred to as the “Big Brother” in the domestic circuit since India became independent and had a first-class system of its own. The other teams haven’t been able to win the championship more than ten times. Mumbai also holds the record for the most Ranji Trophy major wins, with 46. Mumbai may be proud of itself for creating world-class test cricketers who have distinguished themselves and our country.

From the 1953–54 season through the 1972–73 season, the franchise champions went on an unstoppable run during which they captured the title 18 out of 20 times. Only Madras and Baroda were capable of ending Mumbai’s winning streak at this point. Mumbai made its imprint upon that world stage with renowned players like Vijay Merchant, Polly, Farokh, and others who all performed with flair to deliver victories.

  • Karnataka-

When it produces the best cricket players with a world-class pedigree, Karnataka is only surpassed by Mumbai. Southern India’s state has always been a dominant force in limited-overs cricket. The reason this city may be most recognized is for producing batters with elegance and style. One of the most notable bowlers to perfect the technique of leg spin bowling during a time when the sport was on the decline was Karnataka Erapalli Prasanna. In domestic cricket throughout the 1990s, the Karnataka squad dominated, and players from that state formed up half of the Indian team. India’s leading batsman in foreign circumstances was Rahul Dravid, who embodied traditional textbook technique. Dravid was a genuine cricketer who operated as the team needed him to. In the 1990s, Anil Kumble was arguably India’s most effective ball-winner. There is a steady line of really aggressive players that are successful.

  • Delhi-

When it pertains to assisting Indian cricket, the national capital area could not be left out of the front-runner group. First, from the northern region of the country, Delhi has dominated the Ranji trophy. The first notable celebrity from Delhi was Bishen Singh Bedi. The Delhi team has consistently performed well in the Ranji Trophy. Three of its five victories occurred in the 1980s, while another two were in the late 1970s, a time characterized by the hegemony of a well-known Mumbai club. Between 1978 and 1987, this led to Delhi experiencing a golden era.

  • Madhya Pradesh-

Madhya Pradesh is enjoying an excellent Ranji Trophy season. They faced the 41-time champs Mumbai in the final, making them the outsiders to advance. They did, however, exceedingly brilliantly. Madhya Pradesh scored a staggering 536 points after bowling Mumbai out for 374 to centuries from Yash Dubey, Shubham Sharma, and Rajat Patidar.

  • Gujarat-

Gujarat startled everyone by overcoming record champions Mumbai in the final to win the 2016–17 Ranji Trophy. They looked excellent throughout the competition, though. With 26 points and an undefeated record, they ranked second in Group A behind only Mumbai. They trounced Odisha in the quarterfinals after defeating Jharkhand in the semifinals. Ultimately, Gujarat completed the biggest run-chase in Ranji Trophy history to win their first championship thanks to leader Parthiv Patel’s game-winning innings of 143. Priyank Panchal excelled for the squad all throughout the competition, amassing a staggering 1,310 runs.

  • Vidarbha-

In the 2017–18 season, Vidarbha won the first of its two consecutive Ranji Trophy titles. They were unbeaten all through the stage and finished first in their group with 31 points. They defeated Karnataka in the semifinals after defeating Kerala in the quarterfinals. They competed against the powerful Delhi team in the championship, which had superstars like Rishabh Pant, Gautam Gambhir, and Nitish Rana.

  • Haryana-

Mumbai, who is frequently the favorite, played Haryana in the national championship; Haryana was led by the legend Kapil Dev. But up until that point, they have yet to claim a single title. With the first three wickets falling to Kapil Dev and Chetan Sharma within rapid succession, they got off to a shaky start. However, a 139-run knockout put the record champs on track to victory.

  • Tamil Nadu-

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have previously engaged in a fierce struggle for supremacy in Southern India’s cricketing prowess. He has talented players in his supervision for Tamil Nadu. Kris Shrikant played the lengthier game’s shorter version as a dasher during a time when the defense was the rule. One of the strongest all-rounders to represent India in the 1990s was Robin Singh. Hemang Badani and Sridharan Sriram, two veterans of all those who played for India in one-day international cricket, were born in Tamil Nadu. Murali’s time playing county cricket has been fruitful. When capturing the Ranji Trophy in 1988 and 1955, Tamil Nadu did so tastefully.

The league has historically been regarded as one of the world’s premier cricket competitions, with teams participating in championships. Young and older athletes have both found renown throughout the years by assisting their teams’ success in competition. The tournament’s structure has changed throughout the years, but the history of fantastic players has remained constant. The Ranji seasons drive the spectators insane, and they gladly purchase seats in the stadium to watch live.

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