Buy a Cheap Gaming Laptop or a Cheap Gaming Desktop

Buying a cheap gaming desktop is not a bad idea. There are numerous reasons why you should buy a cheap gaming desktop instead of buying an expensive gaming laptop. If your budget is more than $500, then you can easily shop for high-end laptops without any problem.

However, if you have limited cash but want some good deals on some powerful machines that can do heavy gaming or graphics designing work then there are a few brands of best gaming laptops under $500.

However, there are many more reasons why buying a cheap gaming laptop is not an ideal choice. Some major reasons that prove why you should buy a desktop instead of laptops for gaming are discussed below:

  1. Cheap Laptops Have Low-Resolution Displays

When you’re playing games on your laptop, it’s important to have high resolution displays so that the quality of graphics will be good. If the resolution is low, then the game would look blurry and pixelated on your screen. But if you want to experience good graphic quality, then always go with multiple high resolution displays rather than low-resolution ones. The reason is quite clear – multiple HD or 4K displays would give better clarity and viewing angles when compared to any other display of the same size.

  1. Low Refresh Rate and Lower Frames Per Second on Cheap Gaming Laptops

If you’re playing games on a laptop, it’s important to have higher refresh rates so that the gameplay is smooth and lag-free. As we all know, high refresh rate displays are expensive as compared to low-resolution ones with 60Hz refresh rates. This is another reason why you should buy a desktop instead of laptops for gaming because even though there are some cheap gaming laptops available in the market right now, they don’t come with high refresh rates as compared to their price tags.

  1. Do not Expect Big Storage Space from Budget Gaming Laptops

It’s possible that you can find 1TB or maybe 2TB hard disk space on cheap gaming laptops but the truth is that you’ll be very unlucky if you’re looking for a high-end laptop in this price range. That’s not it! The RAMs are also less in cheap gaming laptops, which you can expect only up to 8GB of ram from cheap gaming laptops. So, if storage or ram is what you’re looking for then go with a desktop instead of cheap gaming laptops.

  1. More Accessories and Peripherals Required

When compared to desktops, there are numerous peripherals required for a comfortable gaming experience while sitting in front of a monitor or a TV screen to play games on a laptop itself. You need a good quality mouse, keyboard, and sound system so that would be difficult when buying laptops for gaming.

  1. Simpler Set up is Required for Gaming Desktops

To start playing games on a desktop, you just need to connect it with your TV screen or monitor and power supply. But with laptops, there are some configurations required before setting them up to play games – like you need to change settings in the control panel of Windows 10 according to the graphics card requirement so that would be difficult when buying laptops for gaming.

  1. Laptops- No Removals or Upgrades for Future

If you’re planning to buy a laptop for gaming, then make sure that the laptop has all the required features. If you decide to upgrade your desktop in the future (like adding more ram, changing graphic card, etc.) then you can simply do it according to your requirement but in the case of laptops, there is no option of upgrades or replacements. You should always stay with the same specs only because upgrading or replacing components in cheap gaming laptops are very difficult than desktops. So, if you want more power and configuration in the future, then go with the Best Gaming Pc Build.

  1. Lesser Flexibility and Less Compatibility

If you’re planning to buy a gaming laptop, then make sure that the laptop has all the required ports for connecting external displays like VGA, HDMI, etc. Also, if you want to check the compatibility of your devices (laptop) with other desktop components then do it before buying because there is no compatibility test for laptops and that’s why finding compatible hardware becomes more difficult in the case of laptops than desktops only. So, we recommend our readers to prefer desktops over laptops.

  1. Performance Can be Hit and Miss

When buying a cheap gaming laptop. Your best choice would be dual-core processors because quad-core ones are expensive. As compared to dual-core CPUs so if you can’t afford them. And or need cheaper options then dual-core CPUs are your best choice. Also, the graphics card required for playing games on a laptop is also less as compared to desktops. Because they’re expensive for gaming laptops so if you want better performance then go with a Gaming PC Built.


As gamers, we all have different requirements according to which we want to buy a gaming device. Buying cheap laptops for gaming isn’t a bad idea. But you should always go with the specs of your chosen laptop only. Because if you buy more power than required for your laptop. Then it would be harder for that cheap gaming laptop to support that much hardware. And will perform poorly in some games or apps. So, if you need any help regarding gaming desktops then do comment below. We’re happy to help! 🙂


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