Big Bucket List Adventures: 6 Incredible Destinations To Explore in 2022

There is an explosion of creative ideas in your brain now and then. It generates a buzz of electricity, and you can feel it. The calling card of adventures reminds you of the paths that wait for your arrival. Whatever they have to offer could be a great challenge, involving tears and smiles. So you just have to put on your boots and get going.

Every traveler has a long list of things they want to experience around the world, from going sandboarding in the Sahara or hiking in adventure parks in Dubai to eating street food in Singapore. As most days are spent void of these experiences, we are swelling up your list with outdoor adventures.

This list is a mix of epic hikes, extreme sports and creative ways to see some of the most beautiful landscapes, making it perfect for fearless adventurers. Whether it is swimming with the dolphins in the Atlantic or picking up on flyboarding in Dubai, these destinations guarantee to thrill and alter your view on life:

Climb to Machu Picchu Like the Everest

Machu Picchu, the famed Incan fortress located in the Andes, is a must-see for any explorer. The monument may be reached via a bus ride. But we suggest that more daring visitors go on a five-day journey down the entire 26-mile-long Inca Trail.

Alternatively, you can also drop off at kilometer marker 104 and complete the entire trip in less than 24 hours.

Paragliding in Umbria will Give You Goosebumps

Located in Italy’s Umbria region, Castelluccio is about three hours from Rome. It’s perched high on a steep hillside. The town has gained fame for its spectacular scenery of the Piano Grande. It is a valley that blooms with hundreds of tiny red, white, and purple flowers every spring.

There’s even a festival commemorating the floral festival in June. Hence, it’s the ideal spot to breathe in the fresh mountain air while enjoying the region’s famous pecorino cheese.

It’s also a paraglider’s paradise. Monte Vettore, at 8,123 feet in the air, is the standard starting point for a 20-minute tandem glide. Piano Grande’s moderate weather makes it perfect for this pastime. So even if you arrive after the blossoms have gone, you’ll be in for a delight. Once you get back on solid ground, you may tour the remainder of Umbria by foot, automobile, or even horseback.

Enjoy Evenings in Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia

Cappadocia gained fame for its characteristic plateau, valleys, hills, and unique fairy chimney volcanic cones. It also includes colorful frescos covering subterranean towns, boutique hotels. Surprisingly, you will find residences cut into rocks, rock churches, chapels, and shelters which the early Christians utilized.

It has become a famous site for tourists to drift above the cone-shaped rock formations in hot air balloons. A hot air balloon journey above the Cappadocia area of central Turkey affords 360-degree views of the famed limestone spires and “fairy chimneys,” which are not visible from the ground. One of the most incredible things about the journey is that the balloons fly for almost 260 days of the year!

Go Skydiving in Dubai if You Dare!

The most adventurous activity to indulge in Dubai is incredible skydiving. After a few mind-melting moments of free fall, the parachute opens, and everything transforms into an out-of-the-world experience. You get to enjoy the magnificent view of the Palm from above, which is a cherry on the top of a fantastic adventure.

It is a guarantee that you will have the biggest adrenaline rush of your life and something to brag about during parties! 

Swim in the Great Barrier Reef

Everyone, driver or snorkeler, needs to experience swing in the incredible Great Barrier Reef at least once in their life. The site has more than 400 different types of coral and 1500 species of fish. However, the natural wonder is disappearing and eroding due to global warming and coral bleaching. It makes the incredible swim more urgent!

Zipline Near Niagara Falls Awaits You

The 2200-foot MistRider opened in the summer of 2016 in Ontario. It has become a tourist attraction ever since. The trip spans the Niagara Gorge from the top to practically the bottom, with four zip lines reaching speeds of more than 40 miles per hour. The business is open from June to December, so let’s hope you can catch a ride soon.

To conclude, the world is full of adventures and is calling to you for a very long while. So, whether it is a famous zipline in Dubai or Niagara Falls, pack a bag to tick off some destinations from your bucket list.


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