Benefits and Advantages of Hajj

Pilgrims come to the Holy Land only to worship Allah. Their sole purpose is to seek the pleasure of God. Going there does not interfere with any of their psychic desires. He addresses Satan with the tongue and says: O accursed one, if you are arrogant in the worship of your Creator and Lord, behold, we are all tunnels before Him. If you disobey Him, then we are all obedient and worshipers of Him.

On the occasion of Hajj, their feelings are that there is no difference between ruler and subject, small and big, rich and poor, black and white, and Arabic and non-Arabic. The house is yours, the power is yours. No one has superiority over anyone, piety is the only standard of virtue.

The Greatest Benefit of Hajj

The greatest benefit of Hajj is to create this feeling in the pilgrims. It becomes clear to them in practice that Islam has made all human beings equal like the teeth of a comb. Despite differences in different shapes, colors, nationalities, and regions, there is no discrimination against anyone. All are equal in the sight of the Lord. Hajj is a manifestation of the unity of Muslims and their annual conference.

Hajj is an opportunity for the unity of Muslim politicians and the consensus of scholars. The source of knowledge and education. The source of promotion of religion, the season of goodness, and the place of reaping the benefits of this world and the hereafter. In his Hajj Sermon, the Holy Prophet presented the just constitution of the new Islamic state. While his Rightly Guided Caliphs considered Hajj a golden opportunity to keep abreast of the situation in their provinces and cities.

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Hajj As a Source of Knowledge

The oppressed were treated fairly wrongdoers are reprimanded by government officials – whether they be governors or ordinary people. The command of knowledge and learning was revealed in this land in it.

They explain the importance and superiority of the scholars. Therefore, on the occasion of Hajj, copies of the Holy Quran and useful Shariah books are distributed among the pilgrims.

Also, various libraries of the two holy shrines spread knowledge by selling books. Hajj is a meeting place for scholars from all over the world, where they can benefit from each other. Pilgrims can also quench their thirst for knowledge by asking questions of scholars.


Unity of the Muslim’s

Abandoning their local and local dress, dressed in the same clothes as in ihram. Worshiping the same place, Instead of making a covenant in their languages, in Arabic, Labik-ul-Lahim Labik … Muslims from different parts of the world, who shout out loud, get a sense of unity and oneness in themselves thanks to Hajj.

It brings stability and maturity to Islamic unity. The fact is that all the pilgrims consider themselves as members of the same body. May this sense of unity be transformed into the economic, educational, military, and political unity of the Muslims. And may the Muslims of the world benefit from this unity. Hajj is in a sense a political annual conference that brings together all the Muslim leaders of the world.

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Opportunity to communicate with Brethren

They discuss the problems of their respective nations, offer solutions, and know the situation of Muslim countries. Hajj is a global school of civilization and training of human beings because the training of Hajj begins with the determination of Hajj. He gets a golden time to make himself polite.

He can put his desires on the path of piety. The pilgrim purifies himself from the vile traits of miserliness and greed because he spends a lot of money on Hajj.

There is training in self-sacrifice, equality, and negation of ‘selflessness’ in performing Hajj together with one’s Hajj brothers and sisters. It eliminates arrogance and pride and teaches worship for Allah alone. It reinforces the feeling that he is an individual of a great nation of the world and a member of a great community.

All pilgrims have the feeling of unity and solidarity and the privilege of belonging to a noble nation.

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