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8 Common Mistakes during International Pet Relocation

Many people move with pets to an international relocation on a yearly basis. However few of them end up experiencing a successful pet relocation.

The reason behind it is that moving a pet is a completely different thing. Not all packers and movers are experienced in offering these services. You only need specialists to accomplish this task successfully.

Many pet owners prefer moving their pets on their own. However, they end up facing a lot of challenges during the entire relocation.

Moving with pets is a tricky thing. If you make a slight mistake, the entire moving process will turn into a failure. So, it is better to know about the common mistakes while moving pets internationally.

You’ll handle these mistakes if you know about them beforehand. Here are the common mistakes most people commit during a pet international relocation process:-

1. Procrastinate

Procrastinating your move will lead you to more stress. International pet relocation is not an easy process. So, there is no point in delaying it.

Instead, you should book your packers and movers early. It’ll help you in relocating your pet to a different country easily.

The complete pet relocation procedure is extremely time-consuming for you. However, it’ll also vary from country to country.

There is a waiting period of at least 30 days after the rabies vaccine in many countries. So, in these situations, you need more time to accomplish the entire task.

Another reason why you shouldn’t delay the pet relocation is that you need many documents for it.

You also require your pet’s vaccination details and documents related to its health. It would also be good to know the import regulations of the country you are relocating to.

2. Carrying A Non-IATA Compliant Pet Crate

It is essential to carry a pet crate while moving abroad with your pet. This crate is one of the most important things during the pet moving process.

However, many pet owners consider buying the used crate. But most of these crates are non-IATA compliant. So, these crates are banned by the airline.

The airlines do not recommend a used crate. The reason is that they are not strong and properly ventilated. Generally, these crates are small for your pets. The cat or dog can’t stand and turn around in such crates. Hence these crates are of no use to you.

So, buying the new IATA-compliant pet crate is more beneficial for your pet during the relocation.

3. Not Updating The Microchip

Updating the microchip of your pet is also extremely necessary for it. Many people forget to update the microchip of their dog.

This is very important during the pet relocation. It is a tiny device that is implanted under the skin of your pet. When the security scanner passes over the microchip, it displays the unique microchip number of your pet.

A microchip number helps the vets and customs officials to retrieve the details of your pet.

However, implanting the microchip is not sufficient. You must update the details of your pet’s microchip in case of a change in your contact details.

A microchip lets you trace your pet when it is lost during the move. So, updating the microchip is crucial.

4. Non-Availability of the Right Documentation

You need the right documentation before moving your pet. You must meet all the criteria of your destination country before initiating the pet move.

If your pets don’t have the required documents, they may be sent back to their home country. Sometimes, they are sent for quarantine and tested again at your expense.

If you find confusion in arranging all your pet’s documents, then contact an experienced pet agent. It’ll greatly help you in completing the entire paperwork of your pet.

5. Not Carrying Your Pet’s Medicine and Food

In case your pet is moving to a faraway country, he’ll need medicines and food urgently.

Don’t forget to attach the important medicines and food of your pet’s traveling crate during the relocation. Important instructions must be attached to the medication of the pet.

6. Ignoring the Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are very dangerous for the health of pets. A majority of pet owners don’t monitor the weather before the move.  Many airlines possess temperature embargoes to save pets from extreme temperatures.

However, a few dog breeds are at risk such as bulldogs, pugs, and other snub-nosed breeds.

So, to protect the dogs, you must book a pet relocation service in the summers. Make sure to pick early morning or the time of late evening in the summer season.

If you are moving your pet in the winter season, then choose a warmer day.

7. Forgetting the Health Check-Up of the Pet

You mustn’t forget to take your pet to the vet for a regular health check-up. Make sure to visit your vet on a regular basis before your pet moving process.

Your vet will greatly help you in preparing the paperwork for your pet. He’ll also help you in addressing any health issue of your pet.

Many countries conduct post-entry checks in which the officials examine the pets for any disease.

In case your pets are unhealthy, they’ll have to spend a few more days in quarantine. If their condition is not good, they’ll be sent back to their home country.

Many countries require complete immunization of your pets. So, make sure to vaccinate your pets before the pet relocation process. Your vet will inform you about the important pet vaccines.

So, make an appointment with the vet and get his help in preparing your pet for the move.

8. Not Preparing an Essential Bag for the Pet

Many people forget to prepare an essential bag for their pets. However, it is extremely beneficial during the move.

Make sure to put everything in this bag. This would be a kind of survival bag for your pet. So, start preparing the bag keeping that in mind.


Apart from the above mistakes, people make other mistakes as well during their pet moving process. However, make sure to plan your pet relocation properly before contacting a reliable packers and movers company.

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