10 Items Every First Time Homeowner Needs

When you buy a home, you’re also buying a lot of first-time homeowner responsibilities. There are so many things that come with being a homeowner that people who rent don’t have to think about on a regular basis. As a homeowner, it is important to have the right tools and supplies on hand at all times. Some, like a doorway screen with magnets, are convenient, while others, like smoke detectors, are mandatory.

These can be unexpected costs that you may not anticipate until they arise. That said, it is always better to be prepared than not in these circumstances. Keeping these essential items on hand as soon as possible after moving into your new home will help you avoid stress and cost down the road. Let’s take a look at our 10 items every first-time homeowner needs.

  • Water Leak Detector

If you have a water leak, you can use a water leak detector to find it. Water leak detectors are useful for finding water leaks indoors and outdoors and helpful in differentiating between indoor and outdoor leaks. These devices usually have a probe that is inserted into the wall or floor to detect any moisture. A digital readout will indicate the exact location of the leak.

  • Duct Tape and Scissors

Duct tape can be used to patch leaks, repair torn items, and hold together items that are broken. It is a great tool to have around the house in case of an emergency. While duct tape can be torn from the roll, a lot of people prefer to use scissors. You’ll never run out of uses for household scissors, either.

  • Tool Kit

If you’re used to apartment living, it may never have crossed your mind that you’ll need your own tools as a homeowner. Basic hand tools like a hammer, pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers are a must. It’s a good idea to also invest in a power drill and drill bits.

  • Extension Cords

Extension cords are a must-have, at the very least while you’re getting everything set up initially. You can always fine-tune how you have your home laid out later, and even add more power outlets if you want. If you need to run power outside, a doorway screen with magnets will let you do it without letting in the whole outdoors.

  • Garbage Cans

These are easy items to forget if you’re used to just taking your trash out to a dumpster. Some cities will provide carts for garbage or recycling, but if you live outside of town, you’ll need your own. Also, make sure each room has a trash can, and be sure to keep plenty of different sizes of trash bags on hand.

  • Ladder

How big a ladder you need depends on your house. At the very least, you should have a step stool so you can do basic maintenance like replacing light bulbs. If you have an attic storage space, your only access might be a ladder.

  • Smoke and CO Detectors

While everyone knows they need smoke detectors in their home, not everyone ensures they have enough or that they’re maintained. They can save the life of you and your family. CO detectors can alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so without a detector, you’d have no way of knowing there’s a problem until it’s too late. CO poisoning can be fatal.

  • Fire Extinguisher

Different kinds of fire extinguishers work best on different kinds of fires. A grease fire, wood fire, and electrical fire have different properties and ways they’re best put out. An ABC-rated multipurpose fire extinguisher can do it all. Many homeowners overlook getting fire extinguishers and do so at their own risk.

  • Doorway Screen with Magnets

A doorway screen with magnets is an ideal way to keep bugs out while letting fresh air in. It’s especially helpful in high-traffic areas, as there’s no need to open it all the way like you would with a door. If you have kids or pets, they can easily let themselves in and out through a doorway screen, with the magnets closing it right up after they’re through.

  1. Shower Rod and Curtain

While not as important as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, you should plan on getting your own shower rod and curtain. There’s no guarantee that a previous occupant will leave one. After a hard day of moving in, the last thing you want is to not be able to take that shower you want so desperately.

Home Sweet Home

Just a few of these essential items can go a long way to helping you stay prepared and avoid unexpected costs. From having water leak detectors to keeping duct tape on hand to having CO detectors in your home, there are many things you can do to stay prepared.

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