Tie-Dye Clothing: The Leading Trend In Years To Come

Once the domain of bohemians, hippies, and ravers, tie-dye fashion is back once again into mainstream fashion. In 2019, more and more tie-dye fashion evolved, consistently positioned in the world’s top 10 searched print, patterns, and patchwork, in women’s contemporary style. The trend is more important in the latest men’s fashion- ranking top 3 in the most frequently searched motifs.

In fall 2021, 16 collections of women’s wear represented tie-dye. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to Bella Hadid further fuelled the style. Tie-dye skirts are a notable part of this wardrobe that heightens fashion trends and makes a bold statement.

The Tie-Dye Tales

Tie-dye styles are not just beautiful and vibrant, but they also have an enchanting appeal. This dreamy style is all over the place this season, including the Goths. While Gothic fashion is mainly dark, colourful patchwork dungarees are a part of the frenzy.

Multi-coloured patchwork dungarees have swag. These dresses not only look different but also add to the much-hyped notion of Gothic fashion. In a base of dark colour, multiple coloured patches are created to add an element of style to the attire.

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The ancient dyeing method to create tie-dye clothing is still popular amongst fashionistas. However, do you know how fabrics are tied and dyed?

The method creates a graphical swirl, which has officially garnered its place as the staple print during warmer weather conditions, like summer, similar to gingham and floral. Tie-dye graces regular wardrobe items such as skirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and calf socks. Today, the same groovy dips, swirls, and dyes have entered the worldwide marketplace in a sophisticated silhouette, the tie-dye dresses, and skirts.

Tie-Dye And The Indian ‘Bandhani’ Connection

Bandhani is a traditional art form and a pre-eminent tie-dye technique in India. This ancient technique was used to enhance the colour of clothing. Modern techniques of tie-dye are performed on all kinds of flowy fabrics, including patchwork skirts and tie-dye dungarees.

As cotton fabric absorbs colour better than others do, it was the best choice for tie-dye art. However, modern techniques have witnessed many advancements. This art is now a widely accepted choice in many parts of the world as an iconic trend.

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Tie-Dye Outfit Choices For Modern Fashionistas

  • Cute and Colourful Pop Tops: If you are planning a dream trip and you want to dress up as your best self, these cute tie-dye tops on any skirt or trousers are an absolute delight. To keep the Gothic flame alive, you can combine dark hues with contrast colours for better effects. You can also pair a pop-top with beach shorts, sport your sunglasses, dab your sunscreen, and hit the shore.
  • Pretty, Picture-Perfect Dresses: Breezy and colourful tie-dye dresses can spruce up weekends like never before. Grab your favourite and super cool dress from a wide range of soothing hues blended with dramatic features like slits, frills, and smocked finish to wear a feminine and chic look. Style your tie-dye-inspired look with a pair of stilettoes, a hat, and some casual accessories for a refreshing touch.
  • Patchwork Dungarees: Dungarees are cool outfits that lend a casual appeal to your personality. Whether you want to wear it to a casual day out or a picnic with friends, this tie-dye attire is as comfortable as it can be. Accessorize it with your favourite pair of tops and sneakers for that spontaneous and ready-to-go look.
  • Shine In A Tie-Dye Skirt: Think long and flowy skirts infused with soothing patterns of colour for a hassle-free Sunday brunch, and you are ready. Choose to sparkle in a flowy skirt with slits and cute frills. Accessorise with sunglasses and a hat. This style shall take your look over the top to exceptional levels.
  • Chic Coordinates: Coordinates have been an everlasting trend since forever. With the tie dye effect, they are now available in different desirable additions. Style these cute coordinates with an enchanting pair of hoop earrings, showy sunglasses, and strappy sandals, to steal the show.

Last Word

If tie dye is all over you, do not waste this fever in you. Invest in the most fashionable, stylish, and cool tie dye dresses, dungarees, and skirts. Give yourself the wings to fly high in these stunning and colourful art-inspired outfits meant for everyday use.

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