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The Monday software was founded in 2012 as an app development tool with project management features. It has gained over a decade’s experience and has kept up with the times to provide high-end solutions to the ever-changing online workspace. The Airtable software prides itself on being the number one choice for around 80% of Fortune 100. It is a platform that simplifies workflows with automation and accurate reports.

This demo vs Airtable demo article will shed light on the prices, features, and the demo provided by the two systems. supports project management with several features that digitize workspaces without taking away the discipline. Here are some functions that highlight Monday software:

1.   Canvas

The Monday canvas restores the whiteboard during real-life meetings. It gives you endless possibilities to get creative, share ideas, brainstorm projects, and strategize plans. The best function of the canvas is that it brings the team together so they can collaborate visually. This is where your team can work together and actually communicate rather than spending hours on end for a response.

Another great aspect of this feature is that you can make diagrams to share ideas with more clarity. And lastly, there is a marker that can be used to make shapes and share your ideas in a more interesting way.

2.    Work Forms

It can be complex to place work requests because of the constant back and forth exchange on email threads. Moreover, you may not be able to keep up with the requests or lose them. Monday software gives you the chance to customize work requests with a no-code builder.

You can set conditions as they suit you on the workforms and specify any details.

You can embed the workforms to your email or website as well. In fact, you can also share links with stakeholders as well. In addition, you can track the responses and feedback in order to make reports. Afterwards, you can turn them into shareable reports for others to see. Users can also automate work requests and requests for approvals as well.

3.    Monday Dev

Monday has several features to support app development including no-code automation of workflows. You can easily create tasks as well as manage them. Automation can reduce manual tasks and eliminate any errors from the processes.

You can overcome communication silos and ensure that there is a central source of truth that everyone is referring to. The Monday developmental tools also consist of sprints, roadmaps, and bug tracking.

4.    Documents

Keeping documents organized is crucial as well. One way through which you can utilize your documents is by using them to collaborate with each other. You can post comments, leave status updates, or feedback as well.

You can further integrate boards withing your documents and even allow hundreds of people to work on the same document too. If you want to reduce any miscommunication you can also tag the team members that you are addressing. The drag-and-drop interface reduces errors and lets you make edits if changes are required.

Monday Demo

The Monday website features a blog with an introductory article that features videos as Monday com demo too.

Monday Pricing

The Monday software features five plans so that individuals and large-scale businesses feel equally supported. The free plan allows users to create unlimited boards, unlimited documents, and access 200 templates too. The basic plan charges $8, standard is billed for $10, and the pro charges $16. The enterprise plan offers enterprise-grade security and governance tools. You can generate a bespoke quote by filling in a form on the website.

1.    Interface Designer

You cand design interfaces using the Airtable bases and no code is required. You can easily integrate your data and access it despite its complexity. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier to manage the project information. You can focus on the information required by your team and ignore the rest.

It is equally crucial to share information with the stakeholders and you can do that by creating customs dashboards where the important aspects are shared with them. Similarly, you can automate workflows with complete customized dashboards as well.


Visual tools can make information accessible and easier to manage as well. The Kanban integration lets you manage your view, track your progress, and deliverables too. Gantt is also integrated and you can check the deadlines and even map out the ongoing activities.

The other visual tools provided by the Airtable software are:

  • Calendar view
  • Grid view
  • From view
  • Gallery view
3.    Automations

You can integrate social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to automate posts and check engagement. Moreover, there are different ways to utilize automation. You can either opt for a single notification or create a multi-sequence workflow. The low-code automation feature lets you expand the functionality with Javascript and customize your workflows.

Airtable Demo

The Airtable demo is available through the website. The demo is presented in the form of a webinar with a special focus on the interface designer feature.

Airtable Pricing

The Airtable cost is split into four plans: Free, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. The free plan provides unlimited bases and can accommodate up to 5 editors. Moreover, it can be used to maintain up to 1,200 records per base. The Plus plan costs $10 and it can support up to 3 apps and 3 sync integrations. The Pro plan, on the other hand, is charged $20 and it has the complete range of tools that Airtable showcases. Finally, the enterprise supports established businesses with advanced customization, security, and control options.

Monday com vs Airtable

Monday software is useful as it targets several aspects of project management by enhancing collaboration between agile teams. Meanwhile, the Airtable software also supports application development and streamline processes through visual tools. Monday com demo vs Airtable demo can be accessed to learn more about their unique features.

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