How Hiring eBook Conversion Services Help Overcome Publishing Challenges?

All About eBook Conversion Services - Benefits, Services You Need And Outsourcing

Why are eBook Conversion Services Essential For You?

eBook conversion services help publishers, educators and individuals digitize their content to make it useful for people who consume content digitally. eBook services are useful for conventional publishers who publish fictional books, non-fiction books, dictionaries, biographies, etc. They are also great for educators, sports publications, academicians, researchers, scientists, comic book designers, etc. 

eBook conversion even help realize the dreams of people who cannot otherwise publish hardcover copies of their books conventionally. Going by the conventional or traditional route, it takes years for even renowned publishers to get their books or works published. Manuscripts remain unpublished with the editors for review for months, and even if the manuscript is approved, the entire process of publishing takes a long time. 

eBook conversion services help publishers and individuals publish their content to some of the world’s biggest and most renowned platforms, such as Apple, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. You can know more benefits in the following sections. 

Different eBook Conversion Services Available For Publishers

As mentioned above, eBook conversion services help publishers publish all kinds of content in the exact way they want. Thanks to the options available in today’s day and age, authors can publish their content to a variety of platforms, utilizing various technologies and publishing content in various formats. Some of the most common eBook formats are XML, HTML5, PDF, and Pubmed. 

XML conversion services

XML is one of the most useful formats for eBook publishing. eBook content can be stored and displayed in XML format. eBooks can be created in the XML format, and can further be converted to other formats eligible for top-notch publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, etc. Also XML conversion services help publishers digitize their content from simple formats such as Microsoft Word as well as Notepad. This is one of the biggest advantages of eBook conversion.

HTML5 conversion services 

HTML5 is really useful as it helps authors publish their eBooks in an interactive format with a rich-layout. Many big educational platforms, eLearning companies, and top universities opt for HTML5 conversion services to create sophisticated, highly interactive, and easy-to-navigate eBooks. Flash to HTML5 conversion is one popular in demand requirement of HTML5 conversion.

PDF conversion services

The PDF format is one of the more popular formats among readers who are used to more accessible and open source forms of eBooks. PDF conversion services help authors publish their books in the evergreen PDF format, so that they can be easily downloaded, transferred, and shared to other devices and users. PDF eBooks can be easily zoomed in and can include clickable links to online resources. Authors can create well designed eBooks using PDF conversion services.

PubMed conversion services

PubMed is one of the world’s most renowned platforms for biomedical journals. Top medical eBooks, articles, journals can all be found on PubMed, and you too would love to have your relevant work published on PubMed as a medical publisher. Content provided in simple formats such as MS Word, PDF, etc can be converted into PubMed formats for easy access and worldwide distribution.

Publishing Challenges Involved With eBook Conversion Services

eBook Conversion Services
eBook Conversion Services Challenges

There are several publishing challenges involved with eBook conversion services. While most first time publishers exploring the digital space don’t have much technical know-how, even those with some technical knowledge get stuck due to various constraints. Each challenge is different, and one should deal with it carefully to succeed in a highly competitive space. You can always outsource eBook conversion services for faster and more effective results. 

Lack of technical know-how

Most individuals and publishers who are venturing into the digital space for the first time don’t know how to avail end-to-end ePublishing services. They are unaware about the platforms, technologies, and distribution networks for eBook publishing. This is a huge hurdle and leads to frustration and discouragement among authors and publishers. eBook conversion services help individual publishers avail end-to-end eBook conversion so that they can focus on their own work. 

Lack of distribution network

Many first time ePublishers don’t have knowledge or access to a proper distribution network. While many online companies promise to distribute their content, they charge a lot of money and the content still doesn’t get a chance to publish and distribute in the desired way. Finding a proper distribution network and streamlining the processes is one of the biggest eBook conversion benefits for publishers.

Costs associated

The apparent costs associated with eBook publishing can be exorbitant, which demotivates many publishers. This includes the cost of conversion, distribution, and marketing of eBooks. It is always advisable to opt for eBook conversion services that offer customized packages for all related services. If you avail end-to-end eBook conversion, you can save money by availing multiple services at a less price compared to the total cost incurred while availing different services individually. 

Content management

Content management is yet another challenge publishers face. Assembling the final proofread content in a structured way, storing it in the desired manner, indexing the data and keywords are all complex jobs. eBook conversion services help publishers manage their data in a better way by guiding them through the process and helping them outsource data to experts to do their job. 

Piracy and data loss

Data confidentiality is really necessary in today’s time when data is easily accessible. Data of international importance can be hacked and leaked. Most eBooks can easily be pirated and distributed, wasting the efforts of the original publisher. eBook conversion ensure data security and also prevent publishers from losing their data and also prevent unwanted people from accessing your data. 

Some Really Underrated Benefits Of Outsourcing eBook Conversion Services For Publishers

eBook conversion help publishers focus on their key areas of work – that is research, compilation, and content editing. Once they share the content, eBook conversion experts take care of conversion, integration, data security, and distribution – which results in an increase in productivity and profits for the publisher. 

Focus on your content

eBook conversion services enable publishers to focus on their subject area. Rather than worrying about various aspects such as inter-format conversion, data storage, and distribution. With the help of eBook conversion services, publishers can focus more on their content and research. Rest they leave the technical and promotional work to the experts.

Cross-platform integration

As a publisher, cross-platform integration really helps your users get the most out of your eBooks. Cross-platform integration basically makes your eBook adaptable to different platforms and environments, while being highly interactive and including all your desired components. All the functionalities of your eBook remain intact, regardless of the device or platform, you access on. 

Save time and money

Publishers are able to save a lot of time that otherwise goes on research, inquiry, and communication. Also eBook conversion services enable authors and publishers to avail end-to-end services from a single team of experts at bulk package prices, saving time as well as money. The same time and money, one can utilize for more fruitful and constructive operations and activities. 

Data security

Data security is one of the biggest advantages of eBook conversion services. After availing conversion services, authors and publishers hardly need to worry about data loss, theft, piracy, or leak. Most eBook conversion service providers sign data protection agreements and are responsible for any misuse or theft of data. 

Get customer support

Availing eBook conversion services helps authors and publishers get 24*7 customer support and help for all their queries. Not only they assure of service completion and fulfillment of all their requirements, but they can also contact the conversion experts for any query at any stage of the end to end conversion and distribution processes. Authors and publishers can contact experts via email, messages, phone and get their services alter if needed, and avail add-on services as well. 

How to hire or outsource eBook conversion services

Having studied eBook conversion benefits for publishers, it is important to know how to outsource eBook conversion services. Some key factors you must look at while hiring or outsourcing eBook conversion services to experts are: 

Customized Solutions

You should always go for eBook conversion experts that provide customized solutions to fulfill all your needs. All publishers have their own requirements and want their eBooks published in different ways. Go for experts that offer the maximum amount of variety in their eBook conversion services. 

Competitive Pricing

Pricing is an important factor, especially for bulk and large-scale processes. Go for experts that offer eBook conversion services at market rates or less. Also, look out for discounts and trial offers.

Quick Turnaround Time

Time is again an important factor in eBook conversion services. Hire experts that can complete your project in the minimum turnaround time. So that you don’t have to wait for months just to get one project delivery.

Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise are of utmost importance, especially while handling technical processes. Most eBook conversion services involve several processes including planning, conversion, integration, distribution, & marketing. Hence requires expertise at every stage. Go for experts with a rich amount of experience and expertise in handling a variety of such projects.

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