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Chromebooks under $100 is the new trend nowadays. More and more people are starting to use it for their daily needs. Especially students who can’t afford laptops with huge prices. And the best thing about Chromebook is that you don’t need to spend. As much money or time maintaining it as other computers do.

But what kind of Chromebook should you buy? Well, if you’re here, then obviously you’re looking for answers. There are many different types of Chromebooks available on the market today. Which come in various designs and features. Like storage, memory, processing speed, and many other things. This article will give you some ideas on which model is more suitable for your needs.

Chromebooks for Students

Schools are starting to provide Chromebooks for students, so this is actually the best time to get one. If you want to buy a Chromebook for your kids or yourself while attending school. Then note that some models better suit for students than others.

Chromebooks with more storage space can be useful if you need them for storing lots of projects and presentations. On the other hand, some models don’t offer much storage. But come in compact sizes that make them easier to carry around on a daily basis.

If you prefer buying cheap Chromebooks under $100 because you think they will be confiscated by teachers after some time, then honestly speaking no model is designed only for short-term use at schools. And even if it happens, it’s not a big loss since you can simply place an order for another Chromebook, which will only cost you a few dollars.

In addition to storage space, note that not all models equippe with backlit keyboards and touchpads because students don’t usually use them at night. Some models also offer better build quality to avoid being break easily by careless users.

Chromebooks with Longer Battery Life

A Chromebook with long battery life is useful if you often go out without access to power outlets. It also gives you more mobility when using it in different places including travelling time. Generally speaking, the more expensive Chromebooks are equipped with longer battery lives than cheaper ones since they have larger batteries or better chipsets that help save energy.

And some models even offer replaceable batteries so you can change new ones once current ones run out of charge. This helps to avoid extra expenses for buying new Chromebooks. But it’s worth mentioning that not all models allow you to replace their batteries.

However, there are other ways to extend battery life on your Chromebook, like dimming the screen or closing unnecessary tabs in the browser. You can also press Shift + Refresh / Esc to turn off the screen.

Chromebooks for Productivity

If you need a Chromebook to help boost your productivity then it’s recommended to choose one with longer battery life to keep going without charging as much as possible. You may also consider getting ones with a wider screen or higher resolution so you can see more things at the same time and work faster than before. But what’s more important is choosing one with a larger keyboard so you can easily type anything without making mistakes.

As for processors, some models are better than others when it comes to speed and multi-tasking. For example, some dual-core or quad-core processors will give you a boost in performance if you often run different tasks simultaneously. However, this doesn’t mean that single-core processors are bad at all since many people don’t need them anyway.

Similarly, note that Chromebooks with more RAM have fewer legs while running multiple apps or opening lots of tabs. And the good news is most devices support up to 16 GB of memory so they could even handle heavy tasks without problems.

Chromebooks with Touchscreen

Many people think that touch-enabled devices are only good for entertainment. This is partially true since you can easily watch movies or play games on a touchscreen device. But to truly enjoy the benefits of having a touchscreen Chromebooks under $100, you need to combine it with Google’s Chrome OS UI which is designed for easy access and control using fingers instead of mice or keyboards.

Only a small number of models feature touchscreens because they’re not actually needed for basic tasks. However, if you want to do more things without touching your laptop all the time, then getting one with a touchscreen display might be useful in many situations.

Chromebooks for Businesses

If you’re looking for a professional device that comes with longer battery life, then the best choices are business-oriented Chromebooks that come equipped with extra security features.

You can also find devices designed specifically for use in harsh conditions (extreme temperatures) and where every little detail is thoroughly engineered and tested before leaving the factory.

However, these are also the most expensive models available on the market. But if you don’t have enough budget to afford one of them, there are cheaper alternatives that still offer better value for money. On the other hand, if your company provides Chromebooks under $100 to employees then they may already have business-oriented models with extra security features.

Also, consider choosing devices with more durable designs. Since they’re not likely to be broken easily by careless users who often drop things on the floor. And or carry them around without proper protection.

Final Words

Chromebooks are now more affordable than ever before. And each new model even offers better features than the previous one for about the same price. But if you need something special, then there are also. Some models are designed specifically for students or businesses with bigger budgets. And the good news is they all come with lots of useful apps. So you’ll never have to miss anything you usually use to complete your tasks.


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