Concealer Palette a Makeup Tool That Is Best For Your Skin

Concealer Palette a Makeup Tool That Is Best For Your Skin

I love a good concealer and have used my fair share over the years. There are definitely some that work much better for me than others. In fact, I would say I’m rather picky when it comes down to using proper makeup products to hide imperfections on my skin but with this palette, I feel at ease patch test these little babies out because they all looked smooth creamy, and sheer on the back of one is more pigmented while the other is not. The color options are really nice and it has a great range to suit every skin tone! The under-eye concealer was very smooth, creamy, and just worked with my lovely little crease in the middle of my lid. I found that if you want to smudge this product out above your crease, it will come off quite quickly, so keep that in mind if you struggle to blend products into those areas (I think my lid isn’t wide enough to keep the product!). The highlight shade was also rather pretty. I could see it actually brightening up all over your face if you wanted, but in my opinion, highlighted faces usually look a little too dewy/reflective than glamorous anyways. Personally, having two different shades makes me happy because they both work so well with every skin tone variety! 


A concealer palette is a must-have tool for a makeup artist

The concealer can be stored in a teeny compact case which really is quite cute. It comes with a cleanser to keep it nice and clean after each use. If you’re planning on carrying it around or away from home or work then this will come in handy! You’ll also receive the pouch that holds your product that has some instructions too but honestly I’m unsure as to what they say because when I stopped reading halfway through my first use I was frugal enough to just ignore what I possibly could have been missing!


Packaging of concealer palette


The packaging is gorgeous, professional, and funky. It comes with a mirror which makes this little palette such an easy multitasker when you need to use it for the car on those days when your crease is looking more than disinterested in doing its job (not everyone does but some of us are less than beautiful). In application–this kit works so beautifully for preventing any under eyes sign of tiredness. Nothing can be more frustrating for a makeup artist than having to deal with dark squinty bags.


My favorite part


My favorite part about concealer palette is how quickly it disappeared– delivering your product in a double-sided hypoallergenic sponge that’s going precisely clicky click/smearing across every area of skin you’d want covered while also giving you complete control over where and how much goes exactly where ( if you’d rather not have it all spread out, just add one more click with the tip of your finger and move on to your next area). This palette is perfect if you’re looking for something portable but compact enough to fit in any makeup bag.

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