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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the world, including many of the leading companies in technology. Apple Inc. is no exception and it has been particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis. From changes in business strategy to the launch of new products, Apple has been at the forefront of responding to this global health emergency. In this article, we look at how Apple is tackling COVID-19 related issues through analysing reports from Mark Gurman and Bloomberg. apple us covid19relatedgurmanbloomberg

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting many people around the world, Apple has been looking for ways to help. In this article, we explore how Apple is responding to this crisis in regards to their products and services. Specifically, we will look at recent news from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and other sources that outline Apple’s plans concerning coronavirus prevention and relief efforts. We will analyze what actions have already been taken by the company, as well as potential areas of further action. apple us covid19relatedgurmanbloomberg

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, many companies across the globe are looking for ways to help in this difficult time. Apple is among them; they have recently responded to the pandemic by taking various initiatives related to COVID-19. According to reports from Bloomberg and Gurman, Apple has taken a number of steps that demonstrate their commitment to helping those affected by the virus.

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