Ann Dishinger’s Advice To The Next Generation Of Designers

Ann Dishinger: you may have heard her name, and it’s got a ring that suits her position as a fashion designer. She is an enthusiastic creative with an eye for the next big thing, the dedication to make it work, and an excellent ability to network with other fashion designers.


Ann Dishinger has made quite a name for herself in Chicago, and you might be curious about how she got started, her process, and how she is helping others to break into the world of fashion design. Let’s find out!

It’s not easy to make it in the world of fashion design, but Ann Dishinger Chicago has done so and is serving as an inspiration to the up-and-coming designers everywhere. Let’s learn more about her, how she approaches fashion design, and what she does!

How Did Ann Dishinger Get Into Fashion Design?

Ann Dishinger entered the fashion industry as a freelancer, working for a small network of clients she had managed to build. The world soon noticed her work, and she began to succeed – but let’s start by going back a little further and finding out where she truly began.

Ann Dishinger, an extraordinary child, started sewing when she was just six. She fell in love with the craft, and she was making her clothes by the time she hit junior high. She began doing costume designs in high school, and her love for fashion and clothing only grew as time progressed.

She went on to do a degree in fashion design, which gave her the knowledge she needed to succeed in a challenging industry. Ann Dishinger understands the design process intimately and knows how to make her work fit the brief that clients provide in every way. She created her network during her college years and began building an impressive portfolio to demonstrate the quality of her work.

She didn’t launch her career until after she had finished college. Still, it quickly grew, and she became profitable just a few months after getting started – which is an impressive achievement for anybody!

What Does Her Creative Process Look Like?

The fashion design industry often demands long hours, which can be grueling for some individuals – but Ann Dishinger loves her work so much that she says she doesn’t mind the hours. She can lose herself in her designs and loves to figure out fabrics, cuts, and shapes to make the most of every garment she creates.

She also takes an organized approach to work. She does client calls in the morning where possible and then moves on to designing and creating after lunch, giving her brain time to transition between the business and creative spaces. She’s not absolutely rigid about this approach, but it’s an exciting way to structure the day.

Ann Dishinger designs pieces predominantly on her computer. She says she uses paper for some early planning, but most of the work is done digitally. This makes adjusting the designs more manageable and can speed up the creative process.

She also raises the importance of using a checklist to ensure you meet the client’s brief and haven’t forgotten any essential elements.

Ann’s belief in fashion is deeply rooted. Her favorite quote is, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life,” which reflects just how important she believes clothing to be. She feels that clothes are an opportunity to express what’s inside you, to tell people who you are without saying a word.

That deeply-held belief is likely one of the most important things that keep her inspired and engaged with the fashion world and has made her a successful designer.

Indeed, the industry isn’t easy to thrive in, but for people who are genuinely passionate about it, it can be a wonderful place to be. However, everyone knows it’s hard to get into, so what can you learn from this designer?

What Does Ann Dishinger Say To New Designers?

Ann Dishinger says one of her best habits is using a paper planner to schedule everything. She likes writing tasks down on paper to access and cross them off physically – which is a great way to stay on top of work.

She highly recommends that other people find a routine that works for them and use this to structure their days. That doesn’t have to be her routine; you could invert her process or take a different approach. All that matters is that you bring structure to your day.

Working in the fashion industry often means you don’t fit into a traditional 9:00 am-5:00 pm schedule with a lunch break at 1:00 pm. Nobody external schedules your hours, so it’s critically important to do this yourself!

Ann Dishinger also recommends young designers don’t pay too much attention to others but dare to be who they are. She wishes this was something she had done more when she was starting, and she encourages other designers to have confidence in themselves and their designs.

Furthermore, she reminds everyone that a setback isn’t a failure; it’s a chance to learn. Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes because this is part of becoming a great designer. Getting things wrong occasionally is okay as long as you learn and grow!

Ensure you understand what motivates you about fashion if you consider entering this industry. That knowledge will keep you going when the hours are long, and the work seems impossible. With enough dedication, you will succeed.


Ann Dishinger has become a well-recognized name in the fashion world, and for a good reason. Her dedication, grit, and commitment to creating pieces her customers will love have helped her stand out in this competitive industry and keep going even when the work is challenging!

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