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7 Styles of Wood Herringbone Flooring

When planning to upgrade your home, there are a number of decisions that you need to make. Cabinets, flooring, doors and windows, paints—it can get overwhelming quite easily.

Fortunately, herringbone flooring covers a whole range of spectrum when it comes to interior designs. A traditional flooring style with a modern approach is what herringbone floors represent.

There are different styles of this flooring design. Some look elegant and timeless; some are chic and modern.

This form of parquet flooring arranges the wood in various zig-zag patterns to create strikingly beautiful results!

We have collected our seven favourite styles of herringbone flooring to give you some inspiration.

The classic oak herringbone flooring

There is something outwardly charming about traditional styles, isn’t it?

And what’s better to create a timeless appeal in your home than a classic brown oak herringbone flooring. Oak gives warmth and a homely feel to any space. The natural contrast of warm oak tones with some auburn shades will look so cosy in a bedroom.

Pro tip: Keep the furniture and other décors minimal and let the flooring take the spotlight!

Herringbone flooring in the kitchen

It has become quite popular in the past few years to have herringbone patterns in the kitchen.

If you are planning to do the same, go for engineered wood flooring instead of solid wood. This is because kitchen floors are susceptible to food spilling, heavy foot traffic, furniture scratches, and water damage. For a busy family, solid wood herringbone floors won’t cut it.

Double the herringbone

Can’t get enough of herringbone floors? Double it up!

With a lighter shade of wood, double herringbone is a way to create a more contemporary vibe. In double herringbone flooring, two wood panels are used instead of one.

The style is unusual and definitely a conversation starter. For a chic look, decorate the room with clean-lined natural coloured furniture.

Grey herringbone flooring

Combine the two of the hottest interior design trends of the season—grey wood flooring with a herringbone pattern!

Sophisticated, eye-catching and versatile, grey wood herringbone flooring ticks all the right boxes.

Also, grey floors are extremely versatile, so you don’t need to think much about the furniture. Keep it natural and light for minimal magic. Add pops of colour or create a popping accent wall for a fun and flirty appeal.

Experiment with colours in living rooms

Herringbone is common in kitchens and lobbies. But it works perfectly in living rooms and parlours.

Herringbone doesn’t always need to be the front-runner in interior design. It can be a subtle design element, simply complementing bright furniture and colours.

Make sure the room gets a lot of natural light. It’s ideal for pets and spills if you have children or a significantly clumsy partner!

Pleasantly unfinished

Pale coloured parquet flooring with an unfinished look is a perfect way to implement modern interiors. The unfinished whitish boards with sleek metallic surfaces look veryurban.

herringbone flooring

Keep the rest of the decors and furniture dark with industrial finishes. The brushed surface of the woods adds texture to give a natural vibe.

Go rustic with sawn herringbone

Sawn herringbones are different and very rustic. It celebrates wood in its roughest form with saw marks left on the surface.

The textures created by these marks make for a striking pattern. Finish the room with simple modern furniture with smooth edges. Bring nature to your home with sawn wood herringbone flooring.

Herringbone engineered wood flooring is one of the best investments you can do for your home. With its ever-rising popularity, this flooring choice will be a mark of style statement for your home. It also improves the resale value of the house, which is an added benefit.

Now it’s time for you to look at sites like Floorsave and decide on the herringbone style you want for your home!

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