4 Pieces of Advice That Your Medical Malpractice Lawyer NYC Will Provide

Dealing with the aftermath of some sort of event that led to more medical issues rather than solving them hurts on more than one level. Along with the disappointment that comes with realizing your trust in the medical professional was misplaced, there’s the results of those actions. Retaining a medical malpractice lawyer NYC is a necessary step to moving past what has happened. If you want to ensure your legal counsel is in a position to do everything possible to help, make sure you follow the advice given. Here are a few examples of what your lawyer is likely to say. 

Tell All To Your Legal Counsel

This seems to be self-evident, but you would be surprised how many people choose to omit details from what they tell their lawyers. In some cases, it has to do with something that’s personally embarrassing. At other times, it may be that the client doesn’t think the detail is anything that could have an impact on the malpractice suit. In any case, withholding information is not the way to go. 

Your legal counsel will only use what you share if it’s relevant to the case. As to the rest, the lawyer is not interested in making any type of moral judgment on what you may or may not have done. Also, remember that little things can often turn out to be key to any type of legal case. What you think is of no consequence could be just what it takes to receive a solid settlement offer. 

Discuss The Case With No One

While you should share freely with your legal counsel, that’s all. No one else will be privy to the details of the suit, how it’s going, and what the next strategy will be. Even details about your health should be guarded. Inquiries by anyone other than your lawyer and your doctor should be handled with somewhat vague responses. 

The reason is that you never know who might be listening. It’s also true that something you say to a friend or relative could make them a target for questioning by the other party. By telling them nothing, you protect them from being put in that position. 

That Includes The Responsible Party

There’s a good chance that the responsible party will make some attempt to engage you. If not personally, then the party’s insurance provider or legal representative may seek to do so. Remember that you are under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to directly discuss the case with any of these people. 

What you should offer is the contact information for your medical malpractice lawyer NYC. After that, say nothing else. All communications must be through your lawyer. Doing so will go a long way toward keeping the case as simple and straightforward as possible. 

Be Open to Any Reasonable Settlement Offer

Your lawyer will work for the best possible settlement possible. Assuming that the other party is open to settling and avoiding the courtroom, there is likely to be an offer placed on the table. It may or may not be a good one. Your lawyer will share all the details about the offer with you, and provide advice in how to respond.

With a great offer that’s close to what a judge would likely award you, the lawyer may advise you to accept. When the offer is a low one and will do little to compensate you for what’s been lost, the advice is likely to be to continue negotiating. Rest assured, your lawyer will always be prepared to take the case to court if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached. 

Remember that your malpractice lawyer is there to protect your interests. Take any advice given to heart, and follow it to the letter. The chances for a positive outcome will be higher if you do. 

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